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The Report template can be used for reporting incorrect or unexpected behavior by the Wiki that is likely the result of code and therefore requires the attention of site administrators to repair. It should not be used for marking pages in need of content or organizational updates, in which case the category Needs Work should be used.


status (optional) - the status of the Report, either open (default), progress, resolved, or response
subject (optional) - a short subject summarizing the report
description (optional) - a more detailed description of how to reproduce a behavior or a comment replying to another report
pages (optional) - links to pages where the behavior can be found
screenshots (optional) - images linked or embedded showing the identified behavior
device (optional) - device used when encountering the behavior (e.g. MacBook Pro)
operating_system (optional) - operating system used when encountering the behavior (e.g. Windows 10)
browser (optional) - browser used when encountering the behavior (e.g. Google Chrome)
submitter (optional) - username for the person submitting the Report
date (optional) - date of submission for the Report


You may use the markup included below as a starting point for your reports. Any of the parameters maybe omitted or left blank.



Code Result
|subject=Image width on mobile devices
|comment=Images are too wide when dimensions are not specified. Using <code>[[File:Sciolylogo.png]]</code> will allow the image to extend beyond the width of the page if the image is large.
|device=iPhone SE
|operating_system=iOS 14
|comment=I fixed this behavior by adding <code>max-width: 100%;</code> to all <code>img</code> tags. Thanks for reporting it!