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SOInfoBox At a Glance
Total teams
B Champion
C Champion
States location
State website

Template:SOInfoBox - Documentation

This template is to be used at the top of each state page (for example, Michigan).


  • Total teams - The number of teams in the state. Doesn't have to be just an integer. Example: Total teams=212 (B), 247 (C)
  • B champs - The most recent Division B state tournament champion.
  • C champs - The most recent Division C state tournament champion.
  • States location - The location of the state tournament, or of the state tournaments for each division (if they differ). Example: States location=South Cobb High School (B)
    Emory University (C)
  • website - The state organization website. Inputting the full hyperlink surrounded by a single set of square brackets is sufficient. Example: website=[https://ohso.osu.edu/]
  • If the wiki has an image with the file name "Map of USA PAGENAME.png", the image will be added to the top of the table.