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Param Description Req Type Allowed values or examples Notes
division Division R string A | B | C C
event Event name R string Dynamic Planet, Ecology LC
eventtopic Topic name A string Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Tundra and Taiga LC
level Competition level R string invitational | regional | state |
national | other | practice
C; use practice for user-created tests
comp Competition name A string Mentor Invitational, Central Maryland Regional LC; exclude "Tournament" and year
compdate Competition date A date October 19, 2010
state Competition state A string Ohio, Maryland LC; use long form of state name;
required when level is I, R, or S
season Season R year 2011 LC; use the year in which SONT occurs
rtype Resource type R string questions | solutions | coversheet |
responsesheet | instructions | media
C; if combined, separate with commas
series Series class name A class 2009-mentor-c-for, 2010-md-reg-central-c-opt,
2011-nat-b-exp; year-(state-)competition-div-event
C; used to indicate multiple related files
author Author A string Joe Schmoe C; person(s) who wrote the test
scannedby Scanned by A string Joe Schmoe, [[User:Joe]] C; person who scanned the test
scandate Scanned on date A date October 19, 2010
uploadedby Uploaded by R string Joe Schmoe, [[User:Joe]] C; person who uploaded the test
uploaddate Uploaded on date R date October 19, 2010
pages Number of pages O integer 3

Key: R: Required. A: Required if applicable, otherwise leave blank. O: Optional. L: Auto-linked if page exists. C: Auto-categorized if category exists.