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Unknown School Userbox/School attends Unknown school.

Template:Userbox/School - Documentation

This template is used for showing off your school.


  • border-color - The color of the border
  • logo-background - The background of the left part of the userbox
  • logo-color - The color of any logo text
  • sshort - The school's abbreviation (If you are inserting your school's logo instead of its abbreviation, use the code [[File:School Logo.jpg]])
  • info-background - The background of the right part of the userbox
  • info-size - The font size of the info text
  • info-color - The color of the info text
  • school - Your school's name
  • past - Insert 1 for attended in the past, insert 0 for currently attending
  • name - Your name (optional, overrides page name)


{{Userbox/School |border-color=#000 |logo-background=#FFF |logo-color=#007 |sshort=[[File:Ladue.jpeg|40px]]LADUE |info-background=#00F |info-size=10|info-color=#FFF |school=Ladue |past=1 |name=Example person}} results in

Ladue.jpegLADUE Example person attended Ladue.