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?Userstate competes or competed in a state.

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The Userstate template is a template used to generate a userbox that shows a user's state and region. The only mandatory parameter is state - all the rest are optional.



state - the abbreviation of the desired state (use NCA for Northern California and SCA for Southern California)
region - the region competed in, if applicable
name - the name of the user that competes in this state, overrides the page name
past - set to 1 if the user no longer competes in this state, set to 0 if the user still competes in this state


state-color1 - the background color of the state abbreviation, seen to the left
state-color2 - the color of the state abbreviation, seen to the left


For more examples of userboxes that use this template, see Category:User Templates.

Code Result
MOUserstate competes or competed in Missouri.
|name=Woodrow Wilson
AZWoodrow Wilson competes in Southeast Arizona.
|region=the San Diego region of
NCAUserstate competed in the San Diego region of California (North).
|name=James K. Polk
DEJames K. Polk competed in Delaware.