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Hello, Example, welcome to the Scioly.org wiki! Thanks for your contributions! We hope you enjoy your time here, find the wiki helpful, and possibly even decide to edit some pages yourself! Here's some links that may help you out:

  • User:Example: Your user page, which you can edit to tell the wiki and its readers a little bit about yourself
  • Wiki Guidelines: Some of the guidelines that should be followed on the wiki
  • Category:Event Pages: A list of event pages featuring a variety of information about each event
  • Category:State Pages: A list of state pages featuring information about competing schools, tournaments, and more
  • Help:Editing: A help page detailing some basics about getting started with editing the wiki
  • Scioly.org FAQ: A list of FAQ's about using Scioly.org (both the wiki and forums)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to an moderator or administrator! They are more than willing to answer your questions about using the site, in any of its aspects. Have fun, and again, welcome to the site!