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Table look

I feel like the "width:75%" should be kept; it makes the table fill up more of the page and keeps things more even. Compare 2014 Virginia State Tournament to 2015 Virginia State Tournament. Tailsfan101talk 15:44, 28 March 2020 (UTC)

Ah, good point. Brought it back. ~ Pepperonipi talk 17:00, 28 March 2020 (UTC)

Copy/paste template

Here's an idea that could make editing a bit easier with this template: perhaps we could create a page with the code for this template (in <pre>):

{{State results box

…perhaps all the way to 70 (since that how far the code goes). This could be used as a template for people to copy the code from. As in, say someone wants to make a page that has 24 teams and regionals. They could copy this code down to "24_points=" and fill in the rest of the information from there. We could include a list of things that still need to be added, such as the end of the template, regional champs, the division, etc. We could make two separate "templates", one for states with regionals (such as Virginia} and one for states without regionals (such as Delaware). Pepperonipi, what is your opinion on this? Tailsfan101talk 21:13, 29 March 2020 (UTC)

I wondered if someone some day was going to ask something like this! I wondered if maybe you just didn't care about typing the tags, honestly. But, I'm glad you asked. So, ultimately, I don't want us wiki editors to be wasting huge sums of time, because obviously that just helps no one. I've been thinking about this topic here-and-there for a few weeks now, and I have some ideas.
  1. An article template could work, like you suggested. If this were implemented, though, it'd probably be an entire article, not just the template code. I tried to do a template for this "article template" in my User:Pepperonipi/Sandbox 5 and User:Pepperonipi/Sandbox 6, but it looks like I'm getting into a situation I've been in before... it becomes a confusing mess of substitution, with lots of {{!}}'s and |'s.
  2. Pi-Bot could also potentially be able of doing this in the future (not on it's own... serving as a helper tool to us editors). I have ideas about something that'd help out with things like these... but absolutely nothing done with those ideas, so I'm not going to comment on how that would work.
I'm fine with you or I creating an article template for the state tournament pages because they are so similar and alike. If you do, I'd consider naming it Template:Article template/State tournament, so it's clear it's not meant to be a normal template, but rather an article template that code can be pulled from. If you want me to do it, let me know.
Considering I'm thinking about this and having ideas about reducing some of the useless time wasted on the wiki with Pi-Bot and templates, I ask you and anyone else who sees this discussion... in your dream, what would be the best, most comfortable possible way of making these pages? For ex, using an article template, sending a Google Sheet to Pi-Bot, who returns the wikitext code, using a visual editing tool, etc. Just want to hear your all's thoughts. ~ Pepperonipi talk 00:31, 30 March 2020 (UTC)