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  • Upload files through this page: Special:Upload.
    • If you get an error or need another filetype allowed, send bernard a private message.
  • Please put what the tests are from (location/tournament/year) either in the filename, the summary, or both.
  • PDF is the preferred format for all tests, excluding PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets. If a file is not in PDF form, specify in parentheses what format it's in (e.g. (.docx) or (.ppt)).
    • Please upload your test to the wiki instead of linking to a Google Doc! A Google Doc is subject to link rot and might become unavailable if you move or delete it, while a file uploaded to the wiki will be easier to preserve.
  • Do not try to overwrite other tests or remove them from the list.
    • While we want to always provide users with the greatest breadth of public resources possible to ensure that all teams have adequate access to practice tests, we understand that there are situations in which the preference is to not have tests posted in a public area. If you are a tournament director or other authority and wish for a test to be removed, send bernard a private message with a takedown request.
  • See the Practice Test Writing Guide on how to write and upload homemade tests to the test exchange.

Full Sets

Note: This section is only for links to full test sets. For individual tests, please see the main body of the Test Exchange below.

Tournament-Released Sets

The following are full test sets that have been published openly by the tournaments themselves. As this is a noble practice we wish to encourage, please use these resources only for training. While we would ask prospective event supervisors to refrain from copying any of the tests on this exchange for use in a competitive setting, this request is especially important for these full sets.

Division B/C
2023 Highlands Invitational B/C
2023 Rickards Invitational B/C
2024 BirdSO In-Person Invitational B/C
2024 Crown Point Invitational B/C
2024 High Desert Mini Invitational B/C
2024 Penn State (SOAPS) Invitational B/C
2024 UCR Highlander Invitational B/C
2024 University of Chicago Invitational B/C
2024 High Desert Satellite Invitational B/C
2024 Jordan Invitational B/C
Division B only
2023 Bay Academy Invitational B
2023 Brown Invitational B
2023 Archimedean Invitational B
2024 Sierra Vista Invitational B
2024 University of Michigan (UMSO) Invitational B
Division C only
2023 GullSO Invitational C
2023 Northview Invitational C
2024 Columbia University (CUSO) Invitational C
2023 University of Georgia Invitational C
2024 MIT Invitational C
2024 University of Pennsylvania (SOUP) Invitational C
2024 Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Invitational C
2024 Golden Gate (GGSO) Invitational C
2024 University of Michigan (UMSO) Invitational C
2024 Princeton University (PUSO) Invitational C

"Do Not Post"

These tournaments have submitted takedown requests for test sets that have previously been posted. Keywords are used to describe when these sets can be posted: "AFTER" means only after the national tournament for that season, and "NEVER" means these test sets should never be posted to this Test Exchange.

Long Island Science Olympiad (LISO) Invitational (B/C) -- NEVER -- added November 10, 2019

User-Submitted Sets

The following are test sets that have been submitted by our userbase to contribute to the resource bank available to the community. Please assume that all contributions to this section have been done in good faith, with no malicious intent. If you are a director of a tournament whose tests are found here, and you wish for the link to be removed, please send a private message to the administrators and/or to the moderators, and they will remove the link. Please do not remove a test yourself.

All submitted tests are subject to the Science Olympiad Student Center Site Rules and Policies.

Division B/C
2024 Community Forestry Test
Division C
Fermi Questions
idek anymore
2024 Fermi Questions Frankenmuth Eagle Invitational Exam and Key with FULL solutions (Submitted by Event Supervisor Tomás Díaz)
2024 Fermi Questions Plymouth Canton Invitational Exam - with unique made up systems of units the Díaz (Submitted by Event Supervisor Tomás Díaz)
2024 Fermi Questions Plymouth Canton Invitational Key- with solutions (Submitted by Event Supervisor Tomás Díaz)