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This is a collection of pictures and videos of devices that placed in the top ten at the 2021 National Tournament at Arizona State University. Feel free to add more pictures and/or videos of devices. If possible, please include a description about your device. Because everyone benefits when we share, devices that did not place in the top ten are sometimes allowed.

The Best of Nationals pages highlight the best devices for building events from recent national tournaments. All photos and videos of devices on these pages are submitted by users.

Boomilever (Division B)

Boomilever (Division C)

Detector Building (Division C)

Digital Structures (Division B)

Digital Structures (Division C)

Gravity Vehicle (Division C)

Elastic Launched Glider (Division B)

Mission Possible (Division B)

Mousetrap Vehicle (Division B)

Wright Stuff (Division C)

5th Place

These pictures were submitted by Rossyspsce and CookieMeeps, who competed for Camas High School (WA). It averaged 1:30+ flights both directions, with limited gym time of less than 3 hours total to practice. At nationals, it had an unlucky lingering air current during the official flights that pushed the plane into a scoreboard in the middle of the flight circle, resulting in a raw combined flight time of 2:27. A printed jig was used to ensure the spacing across the entire biwing was the same and other tools/jigs were printed to help with the building or cutting of other parts of the plane. The propeller is a resin printed quad-blade propeller from a custom model. The mechanism used to accomplish turning is a derivative of Joshua Finn's.

RS Camas WS ISO.jpeg

RS Camas WS ISO2.jpg

RS Camas WS Top.jpg

RS Camas WS Side1.jpg

RS Camas WS Side2.jpg

RS Camas WS Side3.jpg