Thomas Jefferson Middle School

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Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Member of SO since 1986
Results History
Best regional 1st
Best state 1st, 2021 (Most Recent Time)
Best nationals 1st, 1993, 1996

Thomas Jefferson Middle School is a Division B school which qualified for the 2015 National competition at the Indiana 2015 state competition. They have won the Indiana state competition a total of 28 times in their history, dating back to 1990. They have also attended every national competition since then, winning the National title in 1993.

Thomas Jefferson is located in the town of Valparaiso, IN. They feed into Valparaiso High School, which has been successful, if not to the degree of TJMS, in its own right.

Results History

Year States Nationals
1988 2nd N/A
1989 2nd N/A
1990 1st 21st
1991 1st 31st
1992 1st 10th
1993 1st 1st
1994 2nd 8th
1995 1st 5th
1996 1st tie for 1st
1997 1st 8th
1998 1st 16th
1999 1st 4th
2000 1st 2nd
2001 1st 3rd
2002 2nd 3rd
2003 1st 2nd
2004 1st 4th
2005 1st 2nd
2006 1st 10th
2007 1st 11th
2008 2nd 15th
2009 1st 8th
2010 1st 9th
2011 1st 12th
2012 1st 19th
2013 1st 19th
2014 1st 20th
2015 1st 21st
2016 1st 24th
2017 1st 25th
2018 1st 17th
2019 1st 20th
2020 Cancelled
2021 1st 21st

2022 1st 20th

2023 1st 24th