Treasure Valley Homeschool

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Treasure Valley Homeschool
Location Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, ID
State Flag of Idaho.svg Idaho
Treasure Valley Homeschool is located in Idaho
Treasure Valley Homeschool
Treasure Valley Homeschool

Coordinates: 43°36′59″N 116°28′13″W / 43.616316°N 116.470409°W / 43.616316; -116.470409

Member of SO since 2016
Teams 1 (B); 1 (C)
Coaches 1 (B); 1 (C)
Captains N/A
Colors      Gray,      yellow
Results History
Best state B: 1st (2017-2018, 2021)
C: 1st (2017-2019, 2021)
Best nationals B: 51st (2017-2018)
C: 35th (2019)
Social Media
Website Website

Treasure Valley Homeschool is a homeschooled Division B and Division C team from the state of Idaho. They are often referred to by the abbreviation TVHSOT, which stands for Treasure Valley Homeschool Science Olympiad Teams. The Division B team qualified for the 2017 and 2018 National tournaments, taking 51st at both. The Division C team qualfied for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 National tournaments, taking 49th, 41st, and 35th, respectively. The 35th place finish ties for the second-best National finish ever by an Idaho team.


Division B

Season State Nationals
2016 2nd (150) -
2017 1st (133) 51st (1048)
2018 1st (114) 51st (1039)
2019 2nd (135) -
2020 Cancelled
2021 1st (15) 54th (878)
2022 6th (141) -

Division C

Season State Nationals
2016 3rd (124) -
2017 1st (46) 49th (995)
2018 1st (36) 41st (876)
2019 1st (28) 35th (792)
2020 Cancelled
2021 1st (17) 53rd (870)
2022 2nd (50) -

Invitational Results

Division B

Season DISCO North JH Camas Kennedy
2019 5th - - -
2020 - 1st (62) - -
2021 - - 31st (567) 61st (1290)

Division C

Season Nebo DISCO Iolani Camas Fairfax Troy-Athens River Hill
2018 1st - - - - - -
2019 - 1st - - - - -
2020 1st (74) - - - - - -
2021 - - 21st (361) 32nd (636) 50th (883) 26th (422) 40th (763)

Event Placements

Division B

2017 Event Places
2017 Event Places
Event State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 31st
Bottle Rocket 17th 57th
Crime Busters 7th 60th
Disease Detectives 1st 16th
Dynamic Planet 7th 50th
Ecology 6th 59th
Experimental Design 3rd 58th
Fast Facts 4th 59th
Food Science 4th 29th
Hovercraft 20th 59th
Invasive Species 3rd 50th
Meteorology 7th 59th
Microbe Mission 2nd 49th
Mission Possible 3rd 17th
Optics 1st' 24th
Reach for the Stars 1st 37th
Road Scholar 2nd 51st
Rocks and Minerals 1st 38th
Scrambler 2nd 44th
Towers 1st 41st
Wind Power 8th 60th
Wright Stuff 8th 45th
Write It Do It 22nd 56th
2018 Event Places
2018 Event Places
Event State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 12th 55th
Battery Buggy 1st 55th
Crime Busters 1st 35th
Disease Detectives 2nd 37th
Dynamic Planet 3rd 53rd
Ecology 2nd 46th
Experimental Design 3rd 48th
Fast Facts 2nd 58th
Herpetology 7th 49th
Hovercraft 17th 55th
Meteorology 10th 56th
Microbe Mission 3rd 46th
Mystery Architecture 9th 19th
Optics 3rd 38th
Potions and Poisons 2nd 56th
Road Scholar 1st 44th
Rocks and Minerals 1st 42nd
Roller Coaster 6th 28th
Solar System 2nd 58th
Thermodynamics 3rd 25th
Towers 1st 22nd
Wright Stuff 10th 52nd
Write It Do It 13th 60th

Division C

2017 Event Places
2017 Event Places
Event State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 31st
Astronomy 4th 55th
Chemistry Lab 1st 60th
Disease Detectives 2nd 59th
Dynamic Planet 3rd 53rd
Ecology 1st 29th
Electric Vehicle 4th 39th
Experimental Design 1st 12th
Forensics 1st 33rd
Game On 1st 35th
Helicopters 5th 58th
Hovercraft 2nd 54th
Hydrogeology 1st 60th
Invasive Species 2nd 34th
Materials Science 2nd N/A
Microbe Mission 1st 17th
Optics 1st 57th
Remote Sensing 1st 38th
Robot Arm 1st 24th
Rocks and Minerals 3rd 50th
Towers 2nd 45th
Wind Power 1st 49th
Write It Do It 5th 42nd
2018 Event Places
2018 Event Places
Event State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 29th
Astronomy 2nd 44th
Chemistry Lab 1st 48th
Disease Detectives 1st 40th
Dynamic Planet 1st 43rd
Ecology 2nd 56th
Experimental Design 1st 29th
Fermi Questions 7th 46th
Forensics 1st 27th
Game On 1st 37th
Helicopters 2nd 30th
Herpetology 1st 30th
Hovercraft 1st 59th
Materials Science 1st 55th
Microbe Mission 1st 34th
Mission Possible 1st 13th
Mousetrap Vehicle 2nd 21st
Optics 1st 28th
Remote Sensing 1st 42nd
Rocks and Minerals 1st 40th
Thermodynamics 1st 48th
Towers 2nd 50th
Write It Do It 3rd 27th
Codebusters (Trial) - 18th
WiFi Lab (Trial) - 18th
2019 Event Places
2019 Event Places
Event State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 22nd
Astronomy 1st 34th
Boomilever 1st 50th
Chemistry Lab 2nd 47th
Circuit Lab 1st 48th
Codebusters 1st 47th
Designer Genes 1st 43rd
Disease Detectives 1st 35th
Dynamic Planet 1st 46th
Experimental Design 1st 32nd
Fermi Questions 1st 44th
Forensics 1st 26th
Fossils 1st 21st
GeoLogic Mapping 2nd 31st
Herpetology 1st 13th
Mission Possible 1st 46th
Mousetrap Vehicle 2nd 35th
Protein Modeling 1st 22nd
Sounds of Music 1st 33rd
Thermodynamics 1st 30th
Water Quality 2nd 46th
Wright Stuff 2nd 17th
Write It Do It 1st 24th
Detector Building (Trial) - 11th
Environmental Chemistry (Trial) - 37th
Paper Airplane (OBG) - 36th
Periodic Table Quiz (OBG) - 41st


TVHSOT's two teams use different colors each year.

Division B

2016 - Tie-dye
2017 -           Dark Green, Gold
2018 -           Black, White
2019 -           Dark Blue, Light Gray
2020 -           Red, White
2021 -           Red, White
2022 -           Gray, Yellow

Division C

2016 - Tie-dye
2017 -           Light Blue, Black
2018 -           Light Green, Black
2019 -           Dark Blue, Silver
2020 -           Red, Silver
2021 -           Red, Silver
2022 -           Gray, Yellow


The following users participate or have participated in this school's team:

NeBH (2015-2019)
Tailsfan101 (2016-2022)
twoplustwoisten (2017-)
Nerd_Bunny (2015-2020)
MissAmargasaurus (2015-2020)
FirstTigerHobbes (2015-2020)
neversl4ck (2016-2020)
gruvint8 (2016-2020)