University of Delaware Invitational

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University of Delaware Invitational
General Information
University of Delaware Invitational is located in Delaware
University of Delaware Invitational
Coordinates: 39°40′41″N 75°45′10″W / 39.67795°N 75.7528°W / 39.67795; -75.7528
LocationUniversity of Delaware
Year started2002
Total teams118
Division B ChampionChardon Middle School
Division C ChampionPoudre High School
DateJanuary 25-26th, 2002
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Division B Results
1st Chardon Middle School 194
2nd Shady Side Academy 257
3rd Solon Middle School 265
Division C Results
1st Poudre High School 153
2nd Charter School of Wilmington 187
3rd Lexington High School 244

The University of Delaware Invitational was a one-time invitational hosted by the University of Delaware as an emulation of the upcoming 2002 National Tournament. It was hosted on January 25-26, 2002. The majority of attendees were teams which also qualified for the 2002 National Tournament, but there were a handful of exceptions. The tournament featured a Parade of States, swap meet, guest speaker, and full awards/closing ceremony, as a real national tournament would.


Division B

Division B Results
Season Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2002 Chardon Middle School (194) Shady Side Academy (257) Solon Middle School (265) Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School (297) Henry B. du Pont Middle School (300) 1/26/02 60

Division C

Division C Results
Season Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2002 Poudre High School (153) The Charter School of Wilmington (187) Lexington High School (244) Northmont High School (256) Columbia High School (260) 1/26/02 58


Pilot Event Results
Total Team Scores
Top Ten Team Results
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