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General Information
Years in SO 3
Current Team Mason HS
Grade 10th
State OH
Division C

0sm0sis is currently a sophomore competing for Mason High School. He does the least random selection of events ever. Prior to division C, he used to compete for Mason Middle School. Initially participating in physics and chemistry events, he has drifted to exclusively physics events.

People He Shares a Birthday With

-Michael Bloomberg

-YouTube (to the year!)

People who died on his Birthday

-Those valentine people or whatever <3


Pre-scioly years

As a child, 0sm0sis's endeavors in science were always pretty half-baked. He can remember regularly going to science-related discovery museums in the area like the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus and the Boonshoft Museum but being continually distracted by brain-rotting YouTube videos and mobile games. Weirdly enough, a mobile sparked his first interest in physics after he purchased "Angry Birds: Furious Forces" at a Scholastic Book Fair. Ever since then, he's been on the old (cliche) journey to understand the physical world around him.

2018-19 (8th grade, Division B)

In 0sm0sis's first year of Science Olympiad, he did his best to copy the events of his friend with the exception of Density Lab (until about two months in). Some poor practice test performances weathered his enthusiasm, but a fortuitous mock performance revived his interest in SciOly. Though 0sm0sis was unable to attend the Centerville Invitational (and hasn't to this day) he was able to partner up with his pal nobodynobody for the New Albany Invite and rest of the season and score big.

Event New Albany Regionals States
Thermodynamics 1st 3rd 2nd
Circuit Lab 2nd 1st 3rd
Density Lab 2nd 1st 2nd
Crime Busters 6th 1st No
Picture This 2nd - -