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A_ram_2k16 is a dank member of Sierra Vista Middle School Science Olympiad.

A_ram_2k16's events are the following:

- Anatomy/Physiology

- Disease Detectives

- Ecology

- Experimental Design

- Microbe Mission

- Towers

More About A_ram_2k16:

- CEO and Founder of Avicorp -- SVMS Scioly's Official Sponsor

    -Departments Include:
    -Bottled Water Company Aviter, Inc. Aviter: Do Drink That Aviter
    -AKEA Counseling
    -Nashquik Chocolate Milk
    -Nashin Wide Insurance
    -Avi-ation and Avicorp Avilines (potential, not official)

- ASB Member at Sierra Vista Middle School

- Co-founder of Basketfruit, the official sport of SVMS Scioly

- Untrained and Uncertified Guidance Counselor at AKEA Counseling: "We're the counseling bros, don't worry -- we're the pros."

- Visit AKEA Counseling: (

- Famous Pani Puri Vendor

- Broke Pani Puri Vending Record with 468 Pani Puris in a day

- Founder and Missionary for Avism

- Active Member of the United Saxophonists Tea Circle

- Granny-Winning Singer

    - Grandmothers are amused by the vocal works of A_ram_2k16
    - "A_ram has inspired me to persist in my goals in life until I die! I have 3 days!" -- Inspired Grandmother #72
    - "A_ram has reached into the depth of my soul with his beautiful voice...and pocketed eleventy seven dollars doing so." -- Inspired Grandmother #97

Don't Forget to Buy A_ram's new album, "Don't Drink That!" (Starting Price at ₹1400) [Find it Here!]

A Message From A_Ram: Hey there, Sciolympians! I love Science Olympiad and it is probably the main reason I get up in the morning every day. I typically dedicate more time to Scioly than to my school work, to be honest. I love my school and teammates -- we are known as "the spirit school" or "school spirit" because we are the loudest, most cheerful, closest school in all of California. If you think I am weird based on my biography above...then you are probably right. Stay tuned!

A More Important Message From A_Ram: Don't drink that Kirkland Purified Water With Minerals Added For Taste! Drink that Arrowhead Mountain-Spring Water with NO minerals added for taste (fresh taste)!