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Alex-RCHS is a former competitor for Raleigh Charter High School in the state of North Carolina, graduating in 2018. He enrolled as a first-year Biology major at UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall of 2018. He will continue his involvement with Science Olympiad by helping/supervising events at several NC regional tournaments, the NC state tournament, and the Duke Invitational Tournament. For the 2019 season he will be supervising/assisting with Thermodynamics B/C and Heredity/Designer Genes.

Competitive Experience

2018 (Senior Year, Co-Captain)

Event Regionals* States Nationals
Team 3rd 2nd 38th
Astronomy -- 2nd **
Microbe Mission 2nd 1st 14th
Mousetrap Vehicle 3rd 7th 19th
Remote Sensing 3rd 2nd 8th
Thermodynamics 3rd 9th*** 20th

2017 (Junior Year)

Event Regionals* States
Team 4th 5th
Disease Detectives 3rd 6th
Microbe Mission 3rd 2nd
Remote Sensing -- 4th
Wind Power 3rd 2nd

2016 (Sophomore Year)

Event Regionals* States Nationals
Team 3rd 2nd 38th
Cell Biology 3rd 3rd 21st
Disease Detectives 3rd 7th 22nd
Wind Power 1st 26th**** 39th

2015 (Freshman Year, Junior Varsity)

These rankings are against the other 9 JV teams at the regional tournament.

Event Regionals
Chem Lab 6th
Dynamic Planet 7th
Egg-O-Naut (Bottle Rocket) 6th

"--" indicates that I was added to this event between Regionals and States.

*Raleigh Charter High School competed in the National Ready Region in the 4 years I competed, and for as long as I know. For this reason, we competed against only 3 other varsity teams at the regional tournament, except in 2015 when we competed against 4 teams. The results indicated in these columns reflect mine and my school's rankings against varsity teams only.

**In this case, I would have competed in Astronomy if not for a scheduling conflict at Nationals that required me to choose between Astronomy and Microbe Mission. Due to my experience with and familiarity for the event, I chose to compete in Microbe Mission.

***The points we were awarded were tallied improperly; with correct scoring we would have placed around 4th or 5th.

****This was by far my worst placement ever, and I do not have a reasonable excuse or extenuating circumstance to justify it. Rather, it was a result of poor preparation due to overconfidence brought on by a fluky first-place finish at regionals. It inspired me to promise myself to never place out of the top 10 at states again.

Supervising Experience

To be determined!