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AlfWeg is a 12th grader in Michigan who competes at Ann Arbor Pioneer High School and is an alum of Slauson Middle School. He has been competing in Science Olympiad for the past 11 years, including Elementary School, and seven years without. He specializes in study events, and briefly picked up air trajectory in middle school. He has been doing Dynamic Planet all throughout Middle School and High School, and does the rotating event that is currently Machines. His other events vary throughout the years. He is also friends with User:SriG, a member of the Pioneer team.

Results (Competitor Placements)


Event Regionals States
Team 1st 15th
Simple Machines 1st 4th
Dynamic Planet ? 15th
Meteorology ? 11th


Event Regionals States
Team 2nd 3rd
Simple Machines 1st 2nd
Dynamic Planet 1st 2nd
Meteorology 1st 3rd
Air Trajectory 1st 7th


Event Regionals States
Team 1st 3rd
Wind Power 1st 2nd
Dynamic Planet 1st 3rd
Meteorology 1st 1st
Bio-Process Lab 1st 21st


9th grade Year!

Event Regionals States
Team 1st 5th
Wind Power 1st 1st
Dynamic Planet ? 6th
Optics ? 6th


Event Regionals States
Team 1st 4th
Thermodynamics 1st None
Dynamic Planet 2nd None
Remote Sensing 2nd None


Event Regionals States Nationals
Team 1st 2nd 5th
Thermodynamics 3rd 6th 16th
Dynamic Planet 2nd 2nd 20th
Chemistry Lab 3rd 15th 22nd
Protein Modeling 2nd 2nd 15th


Event Northview Centerville UMICH Regionals States Nationals
Team 3rd
Machines 2nd
Dynamic Planet 1st
Geologic Mapping X
Protein Modeling 2nd
Code Busters X

Favorite Events

1. Dynamic Planet - Oceanography

2. Dynamic Planet - Plate Tectonics

3. Wind Power

4. Meteorology

5. Machines

. . .

Last. Bio-Process Lab


Feel Free to PM AlfWeg at any time, he loves meeting other olympians!