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Alicecream is a B division competitor in AMSSO. I'm doing: Rocks and Minerals, Solar Systems, and Meteorology for the upcoming season.

Now that the basic boring info is over...

I've been lurking on this site for about two to three years before actually deciding to make an account that I'm active in. The one I've created a year back, I forgot the username and the password..

Rip old unactive account...

I am a proud fandom trash, and if you decide to approach me, I recommend using your best references. I am obsessed with Pokemon, and can be found playing the roms downloaded on my phone or on a plain DS. Or playing Mystic Messenger. My favorite is Seven, because I tend to love all the memelords. I mean.. How can you hate them? He's great for angsty fanworks of fluff, he's just a great character I am trash to. (OH I FORGOT ELIZABETH THE 3RD)

Currently obsessed with rhythm games, specifically Love Live School Idol Festival. (I have yet to get a single Umi UR... UMI BEST GIRL!!)

I'm currently working on a Science Olympiad manga with another Scioly user, be ready for them when I decide to publish! Eh.. Just be ready for Jojo faces and a bunch of crossovers with a slice of life type thing.. I'll upload the manga to my userpage or maybe ask for a topic- *shot*

I'm who you would consider to be salty as the Dead Sea, and maybe saltier.

I am much sleep deprived, like the majority of Science Olympians. However, when I'm sleep deprived, I feel like I've acquired some sort of superpower. I just... Feel more energetic for some reason. I tend to eat just sugar and caffeine rich foods during competition, and can be seen walking up to my events with a bag of Skittles in my hand. If I ever drink something that day, I consume soda or those very sugary coffees.

Just walk up to me and say hi. I'm a bit extroverted. As extroverted as some generic anime protagonist with pink hair or something lol.