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Anomaly's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 4
Total medals/ribbons 46
Invitational medals/ribbons 25
Regional medals/ribbons 16
State medals/ribbons 5
National medals/ribbons lol no

Anomaly is a sophomore at Parkland High School and competed for Orefield Middle School in Pennsylvania, where she had competed since the school's team started in 2015 until 2018. She currently competes for Parkland High School's Science Olympiad team and coaches Experimental Design for Orefield Middle School. Throughout her years, she's competed in Air Trajectory, Anatomy and Physiology, Code Busters, Disease Detectives, Experimental Design, Fast Facts, Food Science, Road Scholar, Wind Power, and Write It Do It. She's also competed in a few one or two time events, like Bag of Bones, Crave the Wave, Invasive Species, Microbe Mission, Mystery Architecture, Optics, Parasitology, and Solar System.

Overview of Years


2015 was Orefield Middle School's first year competing in SciOly. That year, the team had seven members, all of which were girls and sixth graders except for a seventh grader. We started off with more people but due to poor management and lack of interest, many people quit. Originally, I wanted to do events like Can't Judge a Powder, Crime Busters, and Solar System, but my mom convinced me otherwise since she had a background in medicine and would be able to help with Anatomy and Physiology. I ended up doing Anatomy and Physiology, Disease Detectives, and Write It Do It.

2015 Central East Pennsylvania Regionals

Orefield Middle School competed in 9 events total at regionals that year. At regionals, I got 2nd in Anatomy and Physiology, 4th in Disease Detectives, and 11th in Write It Do It

Silver Anomaly has received a Silver medal in Anatomy and Physiology at Central East Pennsylvania Regionals 2015.
4th Anomaly has received a 4th place medal in Disease Detectives at 2015 Central East Pennsylvania Regionals.


That year, Orefield had a team of 9 and participated in 17 events. It was also their first year participating in invitationals. I participated in 4 events that year: Air Trajectory, Anatomy and Physiology, Disease Detectives, and Food Science.

2016 Rustin Invitational

Rustin was Orefield's first invite, and after our performance at regionals the year before... well we could safely say that we were one of the worst teams there. For that invite, I competed in my four events for the year, listed above. Air Trajectory went horribly that morning. We didn't have a proper base for our device and that caused it to keep sliding around in the testing area, so let's say we were wayyyy off and things did not go well. Needless to say, we did not place in that event. For Anatomy and Physiology, the test had a bunch of the nationals only topics, and for obvious reasons, my partner and I did not study that. So anatomy went down the drain too. For Food Science, all I ever did was do the lab and the nutrition label questions, but both my partner and I had gone in there without knowing anything so that... failed. I can't remember much about Disease Detectives at Rustin, but we'll just say that that event failed the least out of all the events that day. Awards came and I most definitely wasn't expecting to place in any event, but somehow my partner and I placed 5th in Disease Detectives which I was happy about seeing how I thought we failed everything. If I recall correctly, our team placed in 3 or 4 events, much better than we were expecting.

5th Anomaly has received a 5th place medal in Disease Detectives at 2016 Rustin Invitational.

2016 Blue Dragon Invitational

Blue Dragon Invitational was Orefield's second invitational, but it wasn't *as* big a fail as Rustin was! (insert cheering noises here). Disease Detectives that day had a ridiculously easy test, and we thought we were going to place high in that event, but we didn't think about that if it was easy for us it was easy for everyone. However, this was the first (and only) time our device for Air Trajectory worked properly! We were so happy after we got the bucket shot and were only 3cm away from the center of the target. I can't remember that much about the other events except for the fact that they were decent but not fantastic. I think this was also the invitational I went with a friend to Optics (a trial at the time) for fun. My partner kept telling me to hurry up with guessing on the test because she really had to go the bathroom. The awards ceremony came, and we got 10th in Disease Detectives (a big rip cause we thought we were going to do better), 7th in Food Science, 6th in Anatomy and Physiology, and 1st in Air Trajectory. That was the first (and only) time we medaled in that event so that was a good moment for my partner and I.

10th Anomaly has received a 10th place medal in Disease Detectives at 2016 Blue Dragon Invitational.
7th Anomaly has received a 7th place medal in Food Science at 2016 Blue Dragon Invitational.
6th Anomaly has received a 6th place medal in Anatomy and Physiology at 2016 Blue Dragon Invitational.
Gold Anomaly has received a Gold medal in Air Trajectory at 2016 Blue Dragon Invitational.

2016 Central East Pennsylvania Regionals


That year, her school has a full 15 member team that participated in all events. She is participating in Anatomy and Physiology, Disease Detectives, Fast Facts, and Wind Power (although she really has no idea what she is doing for wind power). At Rustin, she got 1st in Disease Detectives, 3rd in Fast Facts, 4th in Anatomy and Physiology, 6th in Write It Do It (which she was doing before it conflicted at regionals) and 6th in Microbe Mission (which she went with one of the people actually doing it and actually knew a lot of the stuff). For Blue Dragon, Orefield Middle School went, but Anomaly couldn't make it because of schedule conflicts. The only event that she does that placed over there was Disease Detectives (6th). At Little Tiger Invitational, she got 2nd in Disease Detectives, 3rd in Anatomy and Physiology, and 3rd in Fast Facts. At regionals, she got 1st in Anatomy, 2nd in Fast Facts, 3rd in Disease Detectives, and 2nd in... Wind Power! (good considering the invitationals before they were getting about 36th place) That year, Orefield got second at regionals, passing Whitehall-Coplay Middle School, and advancing to the state competition. At the state competition, Anomaly got 4th in Anatomy and Physiology and 4th in Fast Facts. Orefield Middle School placed 9th at states that year.


Orefield had another full team for a few invitationals that participated in all events. She is participating in Anatomy and Physiology, Experimental Design, Fast Facts, and Road Scholar, with a few special appearances in Mystery Architecture and Parasitology (trial). At Rustin, she got 5th in Fast Facts, 9th in Anatomy and Physiology, and 7th in Parasitology. At Garnet Valley Invitational, a new invitational this year, she placed 1st in Parasitology, 2nd in Anatomy, 4th in Fast Facts, 8th in Road Scholar, and 8th in Experimental Design.


Well this year, she managed to muster up enough intelligence to make Parkland's scioly team. She is OP this year.


This year, Anomaly competes in Protein Modeling, Anatomy and Physiology, Code Busters, and Designer Genes. She is a god and will compete at Tiger Invitational and SOUP.



Event Regionals
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd
Crave the Wave 12th
Disease Detectives 4th
Write It Do It 11th


Event Rustin Blue Dragon Regionals
Air Trajectory 24th 1st 6th
Anatomy and Physiology 18th 7th 2nd
Crave the Wave - - 12th
Disease Detectives 5th 10th 2nd
Food Science 15th 8th 2nd
Optics - 11th -