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AstroClarinet is a high school competitor in Science Olympiad.

General Information
Years in SO 6
Current Team Undisclosed
Past Team(s) Undisclosed
State Undisclosed
Division C Information
Forum profile AstroClarinet
Total medals 15
Invitational medals 0
Regional medals 9
State medals 6
National medals 0

Tests & Errata

2020 SSSS Astronomy (listed as User Submitted): test key


Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in an event at Div A Regionals.

This was my first year in Science Olympiad, in 4th grade. I somehow only competed in one event ("Sky Quest") which was basic astronomy stuff. The next year there was no team for my elementary school so I couldn't compete.


Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in Ecology at Div B Regionals.
Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in Microbe Mission at Div B Regionals.

My first year in "real" Science Olympiad; Division B. This was the one year I didn't get medals in every event (why is Mission Possible so hard‽). Looking back on my note sheets now, I can't believe I got first place in 2 events. At regionals, our team placed second. We went to states and earned 0 medals. My school's team had only been founded the year before, so we were still getting the hang of things.

  • Ecology: We did well in this event, with a 1st place at regionals and a 23rd place at states. This set us up for what would happen next year.
  • Microbe Mission: I had a good partner in this event, so we did great. I was introduced by my partner (or I introduced to him? I can't remember) to what would become my preferred style for notes sheets (highlighting! highlighting!). At states we got 15th place, which was very close to placing.
  • Mission Possible: At regionals, we completely failed; I finished our device the night before and we got a lot of touch penalties. By states we had learned our lesson and came prepared. Although one of the simple machines didn't work correctly, it somehow triggered another machine further down the line, so many parts were skipped but we still got to the end. It actually ended up being one of our best events at states, at 27th place.


Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in Ecology at Div B Regionals.
Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in Optics at Div B Regionals.
Silver AstroClarinet has received a Silver medal in Towers at Div B Regionals.
Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in Ecology at Div B States.
9th AstroClarinet has received a 9th place medal in Optics at Div B States.
10th AstroClarinet has received a 10th place medal in Towers at Div B States.

As I was now a somewhat experienced competitor, I was able to do much better in this year. I placed in all of my events at both regionals and states. Our team placed 2nd at regionals (again) and 18th at states (only 8 places away from being top 10!).

  • Ecology: Since I had competed in this the previous year, we could focus on honing our knowledge in the more difficult topics. I had a great partner and even though we did terrible on practice tests, and thought we had done terrible on the states test, we got 1st. This was the first time our team had placed, and gotten a first place medal, at states. Needless to say, states that year was an incredible experience.
  • Optics: This was my first lab event, so I was taken by surprise when we had to actually do labs at the competitions (crazy, I know). It was also my first binder event. States was pretty chaotic, and I have a suspicion that both the event supervisor and myself made mistakes which led to us accidentally getting a medal. Lesson learned? If something looks like it might give you a lot of points when you should be having points taken away, point it out.
  • Towers: After dealing with Mission Possible, I knew that I had to be careful with build events. I gave up a lot of lunchtime to work on building the towers, and this paid off in the end. We didn't build a lot of towers, and they weren't spectacular towers, but the one we built for states held all 15 kg (not expected at all) and weighed 17 g, meaning we had a score around 1200.


Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in Solar System at Div B Regionals.
Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in Density Lab at Div B Regionals.
Bronze AstroClarinet has received a Bronze medal in Boomilever at Div B Regionals.
Gold AstroClarinet has received a Gold medal in Solar System at Div B States.
7th AstroClarinet has received a 7th place medal in Density Lab at Div B States.
6th AstroClarinet has received a 6th place medal in Boomilever at Div B States.

This was my last year in Division B, and I made it count. The length and depth of my notes sheets increased substantially. Our team was only 1 point from tying for 1st with our rival at regionals, and we placed 18th (again) at states. Once again, I got a 1st place medal at states, making it the second 1st place medal earned by our team at states. I was also competing in the National History Day competition on the day of states, which made things interesting (fortunately they were in the same city).

  • Solar System: I was excited for this event, because I was finally going to do an astronomy event. Regionals was astonishingly easy due to the amount of information I had studied- we only missed around 2 questions, and the test took us only 20 minutes. Of course, this meant we were shocked when we were presented with a relatively impossible test at states. We kind of didn't know how to do much of the math, which made up about half the test, and we were given unfamiliar scientific calculators to use. Still, we came through with a lot of lucky guessing, and finished with 1st place.
  • Density Lab: This was a confusing event because of how deceptively simple it was on the surface. The variety of labs that could be presented made it difficult for us to prepare, and I honestly think I would have done much better in this had I taken a math-based science class beforehand (I had no idea how to approach math in science until high school). Regionals was somewhat easy, but we were one of the few teams that didn't finish the test at states (though we still somehow placed).
  • Boomilever: Experience from towers helped me a lot in this event, though I did't truly know how to work with balsa until I had done boomilever. The lack of a bonus and the simpler rules gave us less of an advantage over other teams. We were underprepared at regionals, and guessed that our boom would hold 10 kg when it only held about 4 (it was only our 3rd boom). A lot more sacrificed time led to us building 10 more booms and optimizing our design, though we did not feel very confident going into states (we had never built what we consider a "really good" boom). Fortunately for us, our states boom did an excellent job, holding about 13 kg and only weighing 15 g, leading to a score of 866.





Favorite Events

  1. Astronomy
  2. Solar System
  3. Ecology
  4. Boomilever/Towers
  5. Water Quality
  6. Designer Genes
  7. Density Lab
  8. Microbe Mission
  9. Optics
  10. Other earth science events
  11. Other life science events
  12. Other physics events
  13. Other chemistry events
  14. Other balsa build events
  15. Other build events
  16. Inquiry events
  17. Mission Possible