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azboy1910 Information
Forum profile azboy1910
Exalted 1x
Total medals 27
  • 17 invitational medals
  • 8 regional medals
  • 2 MY SO medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 13
  • 10 invitationals
  • 3 regionals
Events competed in 40
Years volunteered 1
Number of competitions 2
Number of tests written 6
Social Media
Discord azboy#8712

Hi, I'm azboy! I hope you are doing well today! I have been competing in Science Olympiad for 3 years including this year. I'm not the best at SciOly, but I have a huge passion in science and am always looking towards to learning more! You can find me usually on the SciOly Discord or IRC (I complain too much about SciOly) if you're looking for me, or feel free to send me a PM here as well! I have been exalted once for recognition of my work on the wiki.

Event Results

Below are azboy's results. They aren't the best, but you can have a look at them if you want. In his first year, he was mostly carried. In his second year, he had 4 events, with 3 main events and 1 trial event, which was Codebusters. He was very bad at it to say the least. This year he is improving at it, but is looking for more. His third year was more competitive due to the format, explaining the lower placements.


Event Dodgen O'Neal Piedmont Regional
Circuit Lab 12th 4th 7th 6th
Crime Busters 13th 1st 7th 15th
Density Lab 10th - 4th 4th
# of Teams 20 22


Event Dodgen Chattahoochee O'Neal Piedmont Regional
Circuit Lab 7th 6th 2nd - 1st
Codebusters - 14th - - 10th
Crime Busters 3rd 2nd 1st 2nd 1st
Density Lab 5th 8th 2nd DQed 3rd
# of Teams 33 48 16 28 41


Event Sierra Vista Regional BirdSO Troy State
Circuit Lab 5th 1st 6th 6th
Codebusters - 5th2 18th1 -
Crime Busters 5th 3rd 2nd 13th1
Density Lab 3rd 3rd 7th 2nd
# of Teams 104 9 62 39 35

1Azboy is really sorry to everyone he failed. He feels this is an embarrassment and apologizes to everyone who believed in him.

2A glitch in Toebes caused only 2 out of Azboy's team's 9 answers to save.

3Some placements are not colored. Azboy did not medal in these events.

4Azboy has received a medal for every event he has competed in at regionals, but only counted the overall placements.

5Azboy did not count trial events as part of considering his "record."


  • Azboy predicted his own downfall after the 2021 Sierra Vista Invitational. (tis a joke)
  • 13th is the same placement he got in Crime Busters when he first competed in an invitational in Division B and also the last invitational he will have competed in Division B, Troy Invitational. 13 is also an unlucky number.
  • Azboy also predicted that he would place somewhere between 10th and 14th in Crime Busters at the 2021 Troy Invitational.
  • Azboy only has one gold medal this year, as opposed to last year when he had 3.
  • He has beaten Kennedy in at least one event three different times and Jeffrey Trail in at least one event two different times, which he is proud of.
  • Azboy has earned a top 5 medal twice at MY SO this season.
  • Azboy met a lot of amazing people via Discord this season.

Tests Written

Any questions? Feel free to email me at I also have a feedback form available here:

Season Tournament Date Role Link
2020-21 SSSS Summer 2020 Density Lab Exam Writer Link
CSE Circuit Lab Exam Writer Link
Density Lab Exam Writer Link
Crime Busters Exam Writer Link
Socorro Janaury 9th, 2021 Crime Busters Exam Writer Link
Menomonie March 13th, 2021 Density Lab Exam Writer/Grader Link