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Biography: I have been competing in Science Olympiad for 2 years (including this year) at Jay M. Robinson Middle School. I was on JMR's Junior Varsity team in the 2018-2019 Season. I am hoping for a spot in the Varsity team this year as I progress through my competitions. My consistency (average) throughout the 2018-2019 Season was 7.125. This year, so far my consistency is 4.000.

Performance at Competitions:

My Medals
Invitational Medals 10
Regional Medals 7 (in JV)
State Medals None
National Medals None
Total Medals 17

2018-2019 (6th Grade)

Event Dodgen O'Neal Piedmont Regional State
Circuit Lab 12th 4th 7th 1st (6th) (--)
Crime Busters 13th 1st 7th 5th (15th) (--)
Density Lab 10th (--) 4th 1st (4th) (--)

2019-2020 (7th Grade)

Event Dodgen Chatahoochee O'Neal Piedmont Regional
Circuit Lab 7th 6th 2nd (--) 1st (1st)
Crime Busters 3rd 2nd 1st 2nd 1st (1st)
Density Lab 5th 8th 2nd Disqualified 1st (3rd)
Codebusters (Trial) N/A 14th N/A N/A 2nd (10th)
  • If a box is bolded and colored in, it indicates that I won a medal or was disqualified in that event.
  • For regionals, if there is a box bolded and colored in, but there is a parentheses in it, it means the bolded place was my JV placement and the parentheses was my overall placement.