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Banana2020 is a 7th grader at Shady Side Academy I do the events Meteo, Dynamic Planet, ELG, Mousetrap Vehicle, Game On, and Codebusters

General Information
Years in SO 2
Grade 7th
State PA
Division B Information
Forum profile Banana2020
Total medals 40
  • 30 invitational medals
  • 6 regional medals
  • 4 state medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 15
  • 12 invitationals
  • 2 regionals
  • 1 state
Events competed in 9
Years volunteered 1
Number of competitions 1
Number of tests written 1
Social Media
Email (email)
Discord evan xiang #8689

2020-2021 Season

This was the second season the Banana competed in Science Olympiad, Banana mainly focused on the events of Dynamic Planet, Meteorology, Codebusters, and Game On. Banana was thrown in game on after eagle because of reasons he does not want to disclose. Banana favorite tests are all meteo tests written by Padre. Bananas crowning achievement for the 2021 season is placing 1st in meteorology at the BirdSO Invitational.Banana also is co-writing the meteorology exam for the Lexington Invitational. Banana wishes Harlan Rowe the best of luck at nationals and is looking forward to next year. :)

Event Practice 1 Dodgen Northview Rustin Solon* Eagle Springhouse BirdSO Regionals PA States!
Meteorology 26th 30th 3rd 7th 2nd 4th 5th 1st 1st 1st
Codebusters - - - 10th 12th 7th - 7th - -
Mousetrap Vehicle 7th 7th 3rd 2nd - 2nd 3rd 8th 2nd 1st
Dynamic Planet 26th 20th 9th 8th 16th 12th 13th 6th 2nd 14th:(
ELG - - - 1st - - - - - -
Game On - - - - - - 6th DQ 1st 3rd
Boomilever - - - - - - 1st - 1st 1st
Experimental Design - - - - - - - - 1st -

2021-2022 Season

The 2021-2022 season will be Banana's 3rd year participating in Science Olympiad. His tentative events are EXPD, Dynamic Planet, Meteorology, Storm the Castle, Codebusters, and Electric Wright Stuff. Banana hopes his team will make nats this year as nats is at Caltech.

Test Writing/Reviewing

Season Tournament Date Role Link
2020-21 LexSO Invitational Spring 2021 Meteorology Exam Co-Writer Coming Soon