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BenZ's Accomplishments
Number of years in Science Olympiad 1
Number of Invitational Medals 3
Number of Regional Medals 2
Number of State Medals 1
Number of National Medals RIP

BenZ is currently part of the R.C. Murphy Junior High School team. He joined in the 2018-19 season, competing in Solar System, Disease Detectives, and Write It Do It. This year, he is competing in Reach for the Stars, Meteorology, Fossils, and Boomilever. Wzhang5460 is his brother who competed for Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School.

2018 to 2019 season

Invitationals RIP Murphy didn't go any this year.
Regionals A-Team (Medals 1st-8th)

2nd R.C. Murphy Junior High School has achieved 2nd place at Eastern Long Island Regional.

Gold BenZ has received a Gold medal in Solar System at Eastern Long Island Regional.
6th BenZ has received a 6th place medal in Disease Detectives at Eastern Long Island Regional.

First place in Solar System probably because of Claire. Disease Detectives was less of a carry.
States A-Team (Medals 1st-10th)

5th R.C. Murphy Junior High School has achieved 5th place at New York.

7th BenZ has received a 7th place medal in Solar System at New York States.
21th BenZ has received a 21th place medal in Write It Do It at New York States.

All Solar System credits go to Claire who carried BenZ. BenZ didn't do Disease Detectives at states due to a conflict with Solar System :( BenZ clearly also totally failed Write It Do It.

2019 to 2020 season

BenZ did not make Disease Detectives either because of a conflict with Meteorology or he just failed the tryout.
LISO Invitational A-Team (Medals 1st-7th)

3rd R.C. Murphy Junior High School has achieved 3rd place at Long Island Invitational.

Gold BenZ has received a Gold medal in Reach for the Stars at Long Island Invitational.
Silver BenZ has received a Silver medal in Fossils at Long Island Invitational.
Bronze BenZ has received a Bronze medal in Meteorology at Long Island Invitational.
9th BenZ has received a 9th place medal in Boomilever at Long Island Invitational.

BenZ has been grinding Reach for the Stars so YAY. Fossils was surprising as BenZ was carried and thought he failed. Meteorology was the most surprising as BenZ and his partner barely practiced. Boomilever BenZ and his partner kind of flopped, with an efficiency of about 430; 18.7 g heavy and held 8.05 kg. Murphy sadly left before the award ceremony due to it being very late, but the bus back ended up breaking down so we still got home about as late as we would've got home if WE STAYED.
Regionals A-Team (Medals 1st-8th)
States A-Team (Medals 1st-10th)

The date is: February 21

The time is: 09:27 UTC