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General Information
Years in SO 5
Grade 13th
State WI
Division D Information
Forum profile BennyTheJett
Exalted 2x
Total medals 81
  • 61 invitational medals
  • 10 regional medals
  • 10 state medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 29
  • 22 invitationals
  • 4 regionals
  • 3 states
Events competed in 15
Years volunteered 3
Number of competitions 18
Number of tests written 18
Social Media
Email (email)
Discord BennyTheJett1#3079

BennyTheJett is a Scioly alumni (Div. D) from Menomonie High School in Wisconsin. He has been participating in Science Olympiad since his 8th grade year, although he didn't get serious about it until his sophomore year in high school, a decision he regrets. He was exalted on the forums on April 3rd, 2020; his crowning achievement of Science Olympiad (he was re-exalted on September 7th, 2020). He also can claim to have participated in the very first online Science Olympiad meet. If you want to contact Benny, shoot him a PM. He loves meeting new people in real life and on the forums. If he doesn't respond he's usually solving a puzzle. One of his other claims to fame was that on the date 10/17/21 at 11:20pm, Benny broke Pikachu4919's soul (central time, not literally broke Pika's soul, just metaphorically).

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Highschool Events

  • In 2017-2018, BennyTheJett competed in Astronomy, Dynamic Planet, Ecology, Microbe Mission, Rocks and Minerals, and Sustainable energy. (Benny only tried in Rocks and Dynamic)
  • In 2018-2019, BennyTheJett competed in Anatomy, Dynamic Planet, Fossils, Geologic Mapping, and Herpetology. (Benny dropped Anatomy for Geologic Mapping before the Boyceville Open Invitational)
  • 2020 Events: Fossils, Dynamic Planet, Astronomy, Geologic Mapping, Water Quality.
  • 2021 Events: Dynamic Planet, Fossils, Virtual Geocaching, Geologic Mapping, Water Quality, Wright Stuff

2017-18 Medals

5th BennyTheJett has received a 5th place medal in Dynamic Planet at Boyceville Invitational.
5th BennyTheJett has received a 5th place medal in Rocks And Minerals at Medford Invitational.
4th BennyTheJett has received a 4th place medal in Dynamic Planet at Medford Invitational.
4th BennyTheJett has received a 4th place medal in Rocks And Minerals at Wisconsin West Regional Division C.
4th BennyTheJett has received a 4th place medal in Dynamic Planet at Wisconsin West Regional Division C.
5th BennyTheJett has received a 5th place medal in Rocks And Minerals at 2018 Wisconsin State Tournament.

2018-2019 Medals

Bronze BennyTheJett has received a Bronze medal in Fossils at Medford Invite.
5th BennyTheJett has received a 5th place medal in Herpetology at Medford Invite.
Bronze BennyTheJett has received a Bronze medal in Dynamic Planet at the UWRF Border Battle.
4th BennyTheJett has received a 4th place medal in Dynamic Planet at West Regional.
Bronze BennyTheJett has received a Bronze medal in Fossils at West Regional.
Silver BennyTheJett has received a Silver medal in Geologic Mapping at West Regional.
5th BennyTheJett has received a 5th place medal in Geologic Mapping at the Wisconsin State Competition.
5th BennyTheJett has received a 5th place medal in Dynamic Planet at the Wisconsin State Competition.
Silver BennyTheJett has received a Silver medal in Aerodynamic Challenge at the Wisconsin State Competition.

2020 Placings

This was Benny's first year on the varsity team, so he thought it better to track all his places rather than just his medals.

Event Belleville Boyceville Medford UWRF UMich Regionals
Astronomy 8th 5th 1st 3rd 16th 1st
Dynamic Planet 1st 3rd 1st 1st 2nd 1st
Fossils 4th* 4th 5th 2nd 7th 1st
Geologic Mapping 3rd* 2nd 1st 5th 7th 1st
Water Quality 4th* 1st 3rd 1st 12th 1st

  • At Belleville invitational there were 2 divisions, big and small school. Small schools medalled out to 4th, while big schools medalled out to second. Benny actually only got 1 physical metal, but he listed his events that fell in the top 4 for consistency with other schools at said tournament.
  • Benny did Boomilever at the Wisconsin West Regional. He got 5th with a score of ~900 (he was also carried and had no clue what he was doing).
  • Benny was beat by the JV team in Geologic Mapping at the regional tournament, however JV teams do not factor into placements, only varsity teams, so Benny got the gold.

2021 Placements

This was a very difficult year for Benny. He was in his senior year, but his long time Fossils partner quit the team, meaning he would have to shoulder all the weight of that event, and ended up soloing the event for the entire season. It was also a challenge at every tournament, as because the tournaments were online, Benny often found himself competing against many of the very best teams in the nation. This did not bode well for his results. Nevertheless, it was a fun and rather eventful way to conclude his Science Olympiad career.

Event Belleville Boyceville U-Chicago MIT Seven Lakes UMich Badger Menomonie Marquette State
Geocaching 6th 8th - - - - 2nd 4th 2nd -
Dynamic Planet 2nd 13th 2nd%% 14th 7th 4th 1st 1st 1st 1st
Fossils 16th 29th 24th 74th :clown: 1st 4th 1st 1st 1st 3rd
Geologic Mapping 5th 5th 8th%% 34th 3rd 10th 4th 3rd 3rd 2nd
Water Quality 12th 8th 56th% 42nd 11th 27th 3rd 1st 5th 6th%
Lean Mean Meme Machine - - - 12th - - - - - 2nd
Wright Stuff - - - - - - 1st 3rd 3rd 2nd
Anatomy and Physiology - - - - - - - - 1st -
  • -: Did not compete.
  • %:Benny lost the lottery :sadge:
  • %%: Benny won the lottery!
  • In the 2021 season, there were a lot of online competitions due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Because competitions were online there were many very talented schools competing with Benny during this season, and medals were very tough to obtain.
  • In the 2021 season, Benny actually competed in the Boyceville Invitational before the Belleville Invitational.

Test Writing / Event Supervising

Season Meet Location Date Role
SSSS Online - Fossils Writer
West Regional Boyceville, WI 2/15/20 Fossils B Writer
SSSS Online - Fossils Writer, Geology Moderator
Rickards Invitational Online 12/6/2020 Fossils C Writer, Event Supervisor
Las Vegas Invitational Online 12/19/2020 Dynamic Planet C Co-Writer, Event Supervisor
Socorro High Invitational Online 1/9/2021 Dynamic Planet B Writer, Event Supervisor
SMEC Online Late January 2021 Fossils Writer, Event Supervisor
RHSOI Online Late February 2021 Dynamic Planet Writer, Event Supervisor
BirdSO~ Online 3/7/21-3/13/21 Fossils B Volunteer Grader
Menomonie High School Invitational Online 3/13/21 Dynamic Planet B Writer, Tournament Director's Tech Support xD
New Mexico State Tournament Online 3/20/21 Dynamic Planet B/C Co-Writer (kman1234t, Hoatzin, AlfWeg)
Lexington Invitational Online 4/17/21 Test Quality Oversight, Grading
SSSS Online - Administrator
UT Invitational Austin, Texas 10/30/21 Solar Power Writer
Rickards Invitational Online November 6th and 7th, 2021 Rocks and Minerals B/C Writer, Event Supervisor. Test:
Boyceville Invitational Boyceville, Wisconsin 12/4/21 Rocks and Minerals C Co-Writer, Event Supervisor
Raymond Park Invitational Online 12/11/21 Rocks and Minerals C Writer, Event Supervisor
Science Olympiad at Penn State Invitational Pennsylvania State University 2/05/22 Remote Sensing Co-Writer
Wisconsin West Regional Menomonie High School, Boyceville High School 2/19/22, 2/26/22 Rocks and Minerals B and C Writer, Event Supervisor
Mason Invitational Online 3/17-19/22 Rocks and Minerals C Co-Writer, Co-Event Supervisor
Lexington Invitational Online I can't remember tbh Astronomy Co-Writer, Co-Event Supervisor
State Tournament Season - - Several ES and Test Writing Opportunities

  • After writing for the West Regional in 2020, Benny developed a strong liking for writing tests, so he decided to apply to write tests for more tournaments across the country, and was able to Event Supervise as well, just because the competitions were online. He very much appreciates feedback on his tests, and is always looking to improve as a writer.
  • ~: Benny got a cool shirt!

Favorite HS Events Ranked

Dynamic Planet (Oceans)

Dynamic Planet (Tectonics)

Rocks and Minerals


Geologic Mapping (Active Margins)

Water Quality (Estuaries)

Dynamic Planet (Glaciers)


Geologic Mapping (Passive Margins)

Sustainable Energy


Microbe Mission

Every Other Event Ever


Science Olympiad Achievements


Clutch Achievement (Astronomy @ Regionals, Freshman Year)

Mega-Clutch Achievement (Ecology Freshman Year)

Host Achievement (R+M Medford Invite, Freshman Year)

Flying Solo Achievement (Dynamic Planet @ Boyceville Invite, Sophomore Year)

Beat The Curve Achievement (Herpetology @ Medford Invite, Sophomore Year)

Multiple Guess Achievement (Every test, every meet)

Blind Stab Achievement (See above)

Consistency Achievement (R+M Freshman Year)

Donor Achievement (My calculator at most invites)

(SPAIN)ish Achievement (Regionals Sophomore Year)

Uncontested Achievement (Belleville Junior Year in DyPlan. Won by ~20 points. Second place had third place by ~25 points)

'Merica Achievement (Boyceville Junior Year. 1st: Water Quality, 2nd: Geologic Mapping, 3rd: DyPlan, 4th: Fossils, 5th: Astronomy

Sweep Achievement (Regionals Junior Year)

OOPSIES Achievement (Medford Junior Year)

Scioly Assassination 150: X

BennyTheJett was the (failed) assassinator of the 150th assassination game. He struggled to write good clues, and then "committed suicide" at the end of the game. He hopes to one day get another chance.

In a way, you know, we are all X. We truly are unknown if we do not even know ourselves.

Other Stuff BennyTheJett Does

Outside of Science Olympiad, Benny is an active member of National Honor Society, National Ocean Sciences Bowl, Wind Symphony (He'll also occasionally play with the choir), Jazz Band, and Tennis.

Post HS Plans

Benny plans to get a degree in education, and hopes to teach high school science to the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, doctors, and more. He is currently planning to go to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.