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birdylayaduck08 is a Division C competitor for Seven Lakes High School (2015-2019) and was formerly a Division B competitor for Seven Lakes Junior High School (2012-2015). She has been a Seven Lakes captain for both junior and senior years (2017-2019).

One of her proudest moments is seeing her team win back-to-back State championships (during 11th/12th grade) and placing 6th place overall at the 2018 National Tournament.

work in progress

2018 (12th grade, Division C)

2017 (11th grade, Division C)

Event UT MIT Rice Regionals State Nationals
Dynamic Planet 1st 2nd idk idk 1st 6th
Herpetology 1st 4th 4th idk 3rd 31st
Game On 1st 55th 21st idk -- 11th
Remote Sensing 6th -- -- -- 4th --
Team 1st 4th 1st 2nd 1st 6th

2016 (10th grade, Division C)