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This user attends Isaac Bear Early College High School in Wilmington, North Carolina.


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Seasons in SO 5
Total medals 26
Invitational medals 16
Regional medals 5
State medals 5
National medals 0
Total competitions 13
Invitationals 6
Regional competitions 4
State competitions 2
National competitions 1

I am an aspiring Wiki editor and Varsity team member at Isaac Bear Early College High School in Wilmington, North Carolina. I graduated from Wilmington Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2020.

Waas.pngBobaTeaTastesGood attended WAAS.
Ibec.pngBobaTeaTastesGood attends Isaac Bear Early College High School.
NCBobaTeaTastesGood competes in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Kpop.jpgBobaTeaTastesGood is a proud KPOP fan


Division B Achievements

Event Ranks
Event Tournaments Medals earned Medal rate Personal rank
Exp. D 5 5 100% 1st
Gravity Vehicle 1 1 100% 2nd
Chem Lab 1 1 100% 3rd
Density Lab 9 7 77.8% 4th
Wright Stuff 3 3 100% 5th
Machines (sub) 1 0 0.0% 6th
ELG 9 6 66.7% 7th
Thermo 8 4 50.0% 8th
Optics 3 2 66.7% 9th

2017-2018 Season


My first season of competitive Science Olympiad. I participated in Science Olympiad in 5th grade, but didn't take it as seriously. I made the Varsity team by a sliver, which really surprised me. My main event was Thermodynamics, and my least favorite was Optics. Wright stuff really kickstarted my interest in aviation and aerospace. This season was a little overwhelming, but I managed to pull through. (if you're reading this Sam, thanks for carrying us xD)

My first tournament. Optics and Thermodynamics were fine, and our Wright Stuff plane screwed up. The fuselage snapped in half and we tried gluing it together during competition, but it ended up flying into a wall and completely breaking. Not my best Science Olympiad memory :/ Somehow, we got first anyways and beat Piedmont, which was totally unexpected.

We built a new device for Thermodynamics that was way better than our old one, but didn't really pay attention to the test part. We had an overcomplicated algorithm for predicting temperatures that was really less accurate or precise than simple tables. Optics and Wright Stuff were fine.

We made a kit/scratch build hybrid plane with hand-formed ribs. It was getting times of 1:50+ in practice, but it failed us at States and committed self-destruction in the stands. Thermodynamics was a big letdown because I'd spent the most time on it, but we did get a lot of good device ideas for next year. In Optics, we didn't realize the test was station-based until we were about a quarter in, resulting in a total bomb. Our team finished a butt-clenching third (one away from qualifying for Nats!!).

Event O'Neal Inv. Wilmington Regional North Carolina States
Thermodynamics 3rd 10th 14th
Wright Stuff 4th 3rd 7th
Optics 2nd 4th 18th
Aerial Scramble (States Trial) - - 6th

2018-2019 Season


I really kicked into high gear during this season.
My first out-of-state invitationals. We had a new device for Thermodynamics which was much more predictable, and we actually used tables, which multiplied our scores. For Elastic Launched Gliders, we mainly stuck to Freedom Flight kits and were bottoming out at 24 or 25 seconds. At Chattahoochee, the event was held in this giant gym/dome thing with A/C running full blast from atop, so even at full power our gliders were only getting about 15 feet in max height. THere was this one guy who tried to explain to me that removing clay would keep our glider from nose diving, which was kind of frustrating because the we could literally feel the A/C coming down on us and there wasn't any clay on our clider anyways. We did notice a few teams like Davis Drive creeping upwards, which kinda freaked us out.

I got all gold here, which was a big surprise. We'd built yet another Thermodynamics device and spent a lot more time on the chart/prediction portion of the event. Nothing notable occurred except another team's glider that broke apart mid-launch... lol

In Thermodynamics, we rocked the device portion and waded through the test, which wasn't that hard anyways. In Gliders, the event supervisor actually broke Piedmont's main glider. It was kind of depressing to watch, but they were able to patch it back together. The moment we were announced as second overall, we had a giant celebration and had ice cream afterwards. :3

The first time a Wilmington B team had made it to Nationals! We were super hyped to be performing at Cornell. As aforementioned, for Thermodynamics I really focused more on the prediction section instead of the test. This kinda came back to bite me in the rear (I messed up my predictions anyways...), and we totally flunked the test. ELG was pretty average. We watched this one kid who had a 33-second glider and were like o_0 we're screwed. There's a reason I haven't mentioned Density Lab until now! My partner and I just goofed around all the time, so it was pretty unexpected when we finished top ten at Nationals. There was this one lab that we spent way too long on and didn't notice that it was timed, so we ran overtime and got zero points. If we'd just guessed on it, we would have medalled at nats....

Event Chattahoochee. Inv. Fulton Inv. Wilmington Regional North Carolina States 2019 Nationals
Thermodynamics 4th 13th 1st 5th 27th
Density Lab 6th 6th 1st 6th 7th
ELG 9th 3rd 1st 6th 17th
Heredity (Sub) 22nd - - - -
Roller Coaster (Sub) - - - - 17th

(The Cursed) 2019-2020 Season


Ah yes, the cursed season. Our team goal was pretty much "Get second at states and keep everyone else away," and I really wanted to contribute my best. I had unsuccessfully applied for captain, so part of my motivation was fueled by the power of salt ;). Thermodynamics was gone (rip), and the other rotation event was Machines. Naturally, I studied all summer for Machines, but guess what my replacement event was... Experimental Design! (scheduling sucks)

I had zero (0) experience in Experimental and was not really thrilled about it, but it ended up being one of my favorites. My partners were two sixth graders who also had no experience, so it was a big learning curve for us all. We had a big surprise when we got first at Centerville, but never got to test our potential at States. Our glider broke the day of competition at Centerville, which didn't help at all.

Density Lab was a flop, and we got third at regionals, which was kind of a letdown after last year's Nationals placement. In Elastic Launched Gliders, we began pushing our top times towards 27 and 28 seconds. We were also getting ready to start scratch-building gliders, but the season cutoff sadly ended that.

Event Dodgen Inv. Piedmont Inv. Centerville Inv. Wilmington Regional North Carolina States
Experimental Design 2nd 4th 1st 1st In memory of the victims of COVID-19. More
Density Lab 6th 6th 18th 3rd
ELG 1st 3rd 17th 1st
Circuit Lab1 13th - - -
PPP1 13th - - -
Machines1 - - 25th -

1Filler/sub for this event

Division C Achievements

(The Semi-Cursed) 2020-2021 Season


My first season in Division C. The switch from WAAS to Isaac Bear was something new. At WAAS, the head coach made all of the decisions and took advice from the team, but at Isaac Bear, it was the other way around. There were some top-down problems with the team, like not having a central Drive folder, but otherwise it was pretty much the same competitive and results-oriented atmosphere. I got Chemistry Lab, Fermi Q, Experimental Design, and Gravity Vehicle. I had my best friends for partners on all of these events, so it was a really awesome experience. I got carried in pretty much everything except for Gravity Vehicle, which I really pushed forward as my main event.



States -

Event NCSO Mockvitational Duke Inv. Wilmington Regional North Carolina States
Exp. Design 4th 5th - -
Gravity Vehicle 7th - - -
Fermi Questions 31st2 63rd - -
Chem Lab 10th 34th - -
Forensics1 21st - - -
WiFi Lab1 - 8th - -

1Filler for this event
2Likely tech issue

Color Key
Gold First place
Silver Second place
Bronze Third place
Pink Fourth/Fifth place
Cream Sixth/Seventh place
White Other place/Did not compete

Things I'm Doing

I like to do things. If you're lucky, you might catch me doing really hard things. Usually, I do multiple things at the same time.

Things I'm Doing
Creating Wilmington Regional Team Pages
Working somewhere deep in the templateverse

Test Writing

One of these days I'll write a test...


Best of BobaTeaTastesGood


  • Watching a bottle rocket with a fully 3D-printed nose and fins smash into a sidewalk
  • Being the only one on my team to not get a medal


  • Watching a host team's event supervisor actively help that team's competitors in Optics
  • Using "Great Stuff" spray-foam for Thermodynamics, spawning a torrent of inside jokes
  • Breaking the last year's Wright Stuff plane during our first meeting
  • Our best Wright flyer plowing straight into the stands at the state tournament
  • My friend getting fountain water all over the front of his shirt right before the state award ceremony


  • Flying to and staying at the same hotel in the same season for two different tournaments
  • Tripping and spilling 75-degree Celsius water on the front of my face at 7 in the morning for Thermodynamics, leaving a dark patch of peeling skin ideal for showing off
  • Watching an event supervisor break a glider at states
  • Going to Cornellllll


  • Fighting with my Experimental Design partners (like every week lol, including *during* the regional test)
  • Getting a glider stuck on a rafter and using a balloon with spray-adhesive on it to get it down, except we couldn't go back for a while so there was just a random glider on the ceiling of the Wilmington YMCA for a week
  • Birthday cake with the team
  • Getting a top of 28.5 seconds in flight but never actually breaking 30 seconds smh 🤦‍♂️
  • Watching the Duke vs. UNC basketball game with the team at a hotel (it was intense)
  • Driving with the build devices and two friends all the way to Centerville and getting snow, while all the losers who flew missed out
  • A partner doing a backflip and almost injuring himself during break


  • Playing FIFA while parts 3D-printed for Gravity Vehicle
  • Guessing every single question on the Forensics test at NCSO Mock like a pro
  • Starting to prepare for WiFi Lab at DUSO exactly one day before the tournament

Music Recommendations

  • NiziU - Make You Happy
  • LOONA - Star
  • Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake
  • SEVENTEEN - Left & Right

Note: I am restricting myself to 10 songs from different groups. Otherwise, they'd all be TWICE songs and would probably crash the server.

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