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Number of years competing 5
Total B/C medals B: 12; C: 38
Division B events Ecology, Experimental Design, Fast Facts, Green Generation, Invasive Species, Microbe Mission, Picture This
Division C events Anatomy and Physiology, Botany, Chemistry Lab, Designer Genes, Disease Detectives, Ecology, Experimental Design, Herpetology, Protein Modeling, Water Quality, Write It Do It

bromothymol is a captain of the West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South Science Olympiad team and an alumna and past captain of Thomas R. Grover Middle School. Her proudest accomplishments (aside from determining the molar mass of KCl to be 402.3 grams) include competing in Write It Do It for a total of 5 times in her freshman year and dropping it every single time.

She enjoys spending upwards of $6.00 on drinks and learning about plants.