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General Information
Years in SO 5
Past Team(s) Taft Middle School
State IN
Division C Information
Forum profile [1]
Exalted 1x
Total medals 66
  • 43 invitational medals
  • 16 regional medals
  • 6 state medals
  • 0 national medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 25
  • 14 invitationals
  • 6 regionals
  • 5 states
  • 0 nationals
Years volunteered 2
Number of competitions 4
Number of tests written 2

Hey I'm CPScienceDude, but I just go by cp or cpsd. I'm a junior at Crown Point High School and attended Taft Middle School. I started science olympiad in Div A in the 2015-2016 season. My current plans for the future are to attend college and have a chemistry major and minor in physics. After undergrad, I want to pursue a PhD and either do research or become a college professor.

Past Results

2017 Sixth Grade

My first year in the amazing world of Science Olympiad! It was a pretty decent year, but definitely not my best. In my first year I competed in Hovercraft, Road Scholar, and Write It Do It. My hovercraft was my baby, but it was lame. It kinda sucked, but hey I tried. I was honestly pretty annoyed I was in RS, but I eventually came to love it. However, I had only bad feelings about WIDI. Ew ew ew ew ew ew. I HATE WIDI. I'm sorry, but it's just such a dumb event. AND my partner wrote in really bad cursive. It was completely illegible. Overall, my 6th grade year was very important, and sparked my passion for SciOly, so I guess it wasn't that bad.

Event Regionals States
Team 3rd 14th
Hovercraft 3rd 10th
Road Scholar 2nd 9th
Write It Do It 9th 22nd

2018 Seventh Grade

Year 2 in the world of SciOly! In seventh grade I competed in Hovercraft, Road Scholar, and Mystery Architecture. This year I really started to get involved and dedicated to Scioly. Road Scholar quickly became my favorite event, and Hovercraft was a close second. Mystery Architecture, however, was hell on earth for me. I hated that event so badly. It was just annoying to compete in. This was also the first time I was close to placing at state, with an 8th in Road Scholar. And once again, my hovercraft crapped out for states. It ran well at all the invys but then suddenly started to suck again, which made me mad, but whatever. This year was pretty great, but not the best for me based on my placings.

Event Regionals States
Team 2nd 14th
Hovercraft 3rd 12th
Road Scholar 3rd 8th
Mystery Architecture 9th 30th1

1Didn't read directions, the closest supports on my bridge were just 5.3 centimeters apart

2019 Eighth Grade

This year was by far my best in Scioly (at the time :P). It was such a fun and amazing year for me. I competed in Thermodynamics, Crime Busters, and Mystery Architecture. I also subbed in Heredity, and Experimental Design. This was also the year I found, and I kind of attribute this website to my success. Anyway, my season got off to a slow start, at the Hammond Invitational, only getting a 6th, 3rd, and a 2nd (out of 9 teams). Doing so poorly was a wake-up call for me and I kicked it into high gear. I practiced more, and studied harder. We were also supposed to go to the Northridge and Mishawaka invitationals, but unfortunately those were both cancelled. Then the Valpo invy rolled around and I was stoked. With a 12 in thermo, 3rd in heredity, and 1st in crime busters, I had a renewed vigor for Scioly. I worked harder than ever to prepare for regionals. It payed off with a 1st in all of my events. States rolled around eventually and I got 4th in Thermo and mystery architecture. After this season I am as excited as ever for the 2020 season.

Event Hammond Valpo Regionals State
Team 1st 7th 2nd 16th
Crime Busters 6th 1st 1st 8th
Heredity x 3rd x x
Thermodynamics 3rd 9th 1st 4th
Mystery Architecture x x 1st 4th

X - did not compete

2020 Freshman

This season started pretty slow. My high school team was very, uh let's say underdeveloped. With almost no communication and uncommitted members, our team's success was minimal. Despite that, I had so much fun this season. My first invitational of my Division C career went better than I could have ever imagined. I was expecting to place in maybe only one, maybe two of my events. Even then I would have been happy with 5th or below. But no, I got a first place AND two fourth places. Though, I will partially attribute this with only 2/3 of the teams showing up due to weather. Regionals was also a huge win for me, getting two first places and two second places. The team also did much better this time getting 4th overall and securing a bid to states. It was around this time that I noticed the lack of leadership on our team though. Our captain was not organizing anything and basically did none of their captaining duties. I asked my coach if I could help organize the team and he said yes! I made the state event assignments and organized team practices (read: I was basically captian as a freshman). I then approached my coach and asked if I could be captain next season and he agreed. But then, at the beginning of March, state was canceled. It was a devastating blow, but with events being replayed I plan to take advantage of this opportunity and excel next season. While my first year in Highschool was ended prematurely by COVID-19, I look to seize any opportunity I have to gain an advantage for next season. Though it was definitely sad at first, I've done my best to look on the bright side of things, and I'm working hard to prepare for a competitive season and my first full season as captain. (ew cringe motivation thing -future cpsd)

Event Northridge Regionals
Team 23rd 4th
Forensics 10th 1st
Gravity Vehicle 1st 2nd
Machines 4th 1st
Ornithology 4th* 2nd*

* soloed

2021 Sophomore

So, this season started pretty quick. September came around and I already started making some pretty major changes to CPHS Scioly. I made tryouts mandatory and increased club outreach. Even with a pandemic, we had 20 people try out (which is a LOT for CPHS) and it looked like an exciting start. Tryouts concluded and we lost 7 in the process because, well, I'm not really sure, they just quit. Anyway, fast forward to January and I hadn't studied for NR at all but I ended up doing better than I thought I would. IN invites 1 & 3 came and went and I was still just coasting along, not really grinding for any of my events, and it showed. After IN Invite 3, though I decided it was time to start studying so I stayed after school pretty much 4 days a week for 2 weeks for 2 hours and went at it. It definitely paid off in Forensics, where I got 2nd at state, and Orni, where I went from 11th at Invite 3 to 7th at state. Chem lab was a mess, though. Soloing a 100 question test of, let's say, questionable quality was not fun, so getting 11th in that was good enough for me. I won't talk about Gravity Vehicle, though, because I have no clue what even happened there. I submitted a score of 3.5 and I know for a fact I had a better score than the 3rd place team, so I guess I was penalized for something, but I don't have a clue what it would be. After this season, I'm a little underwhelmed with my performance to be honest, so it's time to absolutely grind over the summer and get back on track for next season,

Event Northridge Indiana Invite #1 Indiana Invite #3 State
Team 15th 12th 15th 15th
Astronomy 17th* 14th* 10th* 17th
Chem Lab 4th* 12th 4th 11th*
Forensics 9th 9th 16th * 2nd
Gravity Vehicle 3rd* 2nd* 1st* 16th
Machines 4th 7th 6th 10th
Ornithology 11th 4th 11th 7th

* soloed

2022 Junior

Finally writing this after state... This season started off pretty promising with 27 people coming to out callout meeting and 22 signed up to join the team. We ended up losing 9 people by the end of the season due to lack of interest (mainly the lack of practices-which we're finally starting next year) and conflicts with other EC's. Anyway, by the time Rickards rolled around, everyone was completely unprepared and we kinda did really bad at Rickards. When I had my coach sign us up, I knew we wouldn't do amazing - I meant for Rickards to be a wakeup call for the team, and it definitely worked. Raymond park went much better for the team overall, and especially myself. Northridge came along and I was blown away by the team's results, 4th place was NOT something I was expecting, and I was so happy for everyone and their results. Regionals also went really well, but there wasn't a ton of competition overall, but still really good results overall. Then state came around and it went better than I could've ever imagined. 13th overall is a record for CPHS and placing in 3 of my 5 events, and top 10 in the other 2 was just incredible for me. Overall, this has to have been my favorite season of scioly so far. The team is starting to finally come together and feel like a team and I'm really excited for what next season brings for CPSO.

Event Rickards Raymond Park Northridge Regionals State
Team 62nd 16th 4th 2nd 13th
Chem Lab 34th 6th 1st 1st 8th
Forensics 16th 2nd 4th 1st 3rd
Gravity Vehicle not ran 2nd* 2nd 1st 5th
Ornithology 44th 4th 4th 2nd 5th
Remote Sensing 67th 8th* 6th* X X
Trajectory X X 9th* 2nd 10th

* soloed

Credit to medal template goes to Sciolyperson1

Events Ranked

These are all the events that I have competed in ranked from favorite to least favorite:

Division B

1. Crime Busters

2. Hovercraft

3. Thermodynamics

4. Road Scholar

5. Mystery Architecture

6. Heredity

7. Experimental Design

8. Write It Do It

Division C

1. Forensics

2. Gravity Vehicle

3. Chem Lab

4. Trajectory

5. Ornithology

6. Machines

7. Astronomy

8. Remote Sensing

Volunteer Experience

Season Tournament Location Date Role Link To Exam Folder
2020 Hammond Invitational Hammond, IN December 14, 2019 Road Scholar Supervisor Link To Exam Folder
2021 Mira Loma Invitational MiniSO Janurary 9, 2021 Forensics Volunteer Grader n/a
2021 SOAPS MiniSO Feburary 6, 2021 Ornithology Volunteer Grader n/a
2021 Menomonie MiniSO/Satellite March 20, 2021 Crime Busters Supervisor Link to Exam Folder

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