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ChronoInoDromotrope aka TrashPandaHath aka jackhath20. Jack is a living god. He joined Shady Side Academy Science Olympiad Division B in 2018 season and was the SSA Division B captain in the 2019 season.


We don't talk about it.


Blank=didn't place, "-"= wasn't in event

Event Solon Cornell West Liberty-Salem Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd 5th 1st - 1st
Circuit Lab 6th 1st 3rd
Density Lab 3rd - 2nd
Experimental Design 2nd 4th - 1st 1st
Game On - 4th - - -
Thermodynamics 6th - 2nd - -
Water Quality 7th - - 1st
Team 2nd 8th 1st 1st we don't talk about it