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"Caecilius NON est in horto."

Lord of the Cabbages, Commander of the Cinnamon Toasts!

Cinnitoasts is a Science Olympiad coach for Rancho San Joaquin Middle School specializing in lab-based and inquiry events.


Cinnitoasts is a senior at University High School in Southern California (Class of 2021!), from which she will be graduating Summa Cum Laude in the spring. She currently plans on majoring in Computer Science and/or Applied & Computational Mathematics/Statistics (depending on the college) so she can pursue her interests in Data Science and Computational Biology. This is Cinnitoasts's second year participating in Science Olympiad and she is very happy to be one of Rancho San Joaquin Middle School's Science Olympiad coaches. Cinnitoasts has experience with Chemistry Lab, Designer Genes, Forensics, and Wifi Lab and mainly coaches Crime Busters, Experiment and Data Analysis, and Game On. She hopes to continue participating in Science Olympiad in college as a coach, test writer, or competition volunteer.

In her free time, Cinnitoasts can be found hanging around Discord talking to people or trying to fix her Cabbage-bot, lurking on Reddit, playing badminton, coding, reading scientific articles, analyzing school building architecture, drawing floorplans/buildings, researching different train models, collecting and taking apart data sets, trying to clean her disaster of a room, or obsessively checking her email. She enjoys doing research and has experience working in a lab, but her area is under stay-at-home orders due to coronavirus so she is currently stuck at home.

Some words commonly used to describe Cinnitoasts include: articulate, attentive, caring, detail-oriented, diligent, energetic, happy, humorous (in a slightly snarky way), loud, nerdy, passionate, studious, and tenacious. She is frequently complimented on her teaching and scientific communication skills.

Should you ever need someone to talk or vent to, her inbox is always open and she welcomes private messages on Discord.

Cinnitoasts's Weekly/Monthly Brag Box

Cinnitoasts is proud to say that she has Stockholm Syndromed herself into thinking test writing is fun. She is also happy to announce that she has somehow managed to pull an A in AP Biology after having a B- for most of the semester!

Fun Facts

  • Cinnitoasts is very indecisive and has a hard time coming up with usernames.
  • Cinnitoasts's favorite subject is Math.
  • Cinnitoasts's favorite event is Experiment and Data Analysis.
  • Cinnitoasts got really into STEM in the second semester of her sophomore year. She mainly focused on music prior to that.
  • Cinnitoasts can play both the piano and violin (surprise surprise). She is equally bad at both of them and wishes she were a better musician.
  • Cinnitoasts is frequently referred to as "Cabbage" on Discord due to her involvement in one particular server under her old username.