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Crazy puny man's Accomplishments
Number of years in Science Olympiad 5
Number of Total Medals 80
Number of Regional Medals 24
Number of State Medals 18
Number of National Medals 7

Wilbur Wright Middle School SO 2010-2012

Munster High School SO 2013-2015

Past Events

2010 (Div B): Bio-Process Lab, Disease Detectives, Pentathlon (Regionals only), Ecology (Nationals only)

2011 (Div B) - Team didn't qualify for Nationals >:( Missed by 1 point - Disease Detectives, Ecology, Fossils, Solar System

2012 (Div B): Compute This (State only), Dynamic Planet, Microbe Mission (Nationals only), Meteorology (Regionals only), Reach for the Stars, Road Scholar

2013 (Div C): Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Dynamic Planet, Disease Detectives (State/Nats only), Remote Sensing (Regionals only)

2014 (Div C): Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Chemistry Lab (Regions/Nats), Disease Detectives (Regionals only), Dynamic Planet (State/Nats), Experimental Design (State/Nats), Technical Problem Solving (Regionals only)

2015 (Div C): Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Chemistry Lab, Dynamic Planet, TPS