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Deeisenberg Accomplishments
Number of years in Science Olympiad 6
Number of Invitational medals 3 C; 3 & 1 Ribbon B
Number of Regional Medals 3 C; 3+ B
Number of State Medals 5 C; 5 B
Number of National medals 3 C

Deeisenberg is a member of the class of 2010 at Harriton High School in Lower Merion School District, Pennsylvania. He was a non-competing member of the Bala Cynwyd Middle School team in 7th grade, and later competed for Bala Cynwyd in 8th and 9th grade. He participated in Harriton Science Olympiad for the first half of his 9th grade year but did not compete, and returned to Bala Cynwyd for the rest of the year. In B division he competed in the Solon and Longfellow invitations, Southeast Pennsylvania Regionals, and PA States in 8th grade, as well as the SE PA Regional and PA State tournaments in 9th grade. He competed for Harriton at the Athens Invitational, PA State, and National tournaments in 10th grade. In 11th grade he competed at the SE PA Regional, PA State, and National tournaments. He competed at the Conestoga Invitational the SE PA regional, the Pennsylvania State Tournament and at Nationals at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2010. He was a member of the high school senior class of 2010 and attended Stony Brook University for biology.


HHSDeeisenberg attended Harriton High School.
BCMSDeeisenberg attended Bala Cynwyd Middle School.
PADeeisenberg competed in Southeast Pennsylvania.


(Only Division C Official Competitions Included)

Year Place Event Venue
2008 1 Herpetology States
2008 1 Herpetology Nationals
2008 31 Ecology Nationals
2009 1 Fossils Regionals
2009 10 Herpetology Regionals
2009 1 Herpetology States
2009 2 Fossils States
2009 1 Herpetology Nationals
2009 2 Fossils Nationals
2010 1 Fossils Regionals
2010 4 Ornithology Regionals
2010 9 Mousetrap Vehicle* Regionals
2010 1 Ornithology States
2010 3 Fossils States
2010 1 Mousetrap Vehicle* States
2010 16 Ornithology Nationals
2010 13 Fossils Nationals
2010 10 Mousetrap Vehicle* Nationals
  • *Competed but not involved in design or construction; did/would not collect medal.

Past Division C Events

Fossils Deeisenberg did Fossils.
Birds Deeisenberg did Ornithology.
Herps Deeisenberg did Herpetology.
Rocks Deeisenberg did Rocks and Minerals.
Eco Deeisenberg did Ecology.
Pithi Deeisenberg did Picture This.
Bugs Deeisenberg did Entomology.

Past Division B Events

Rocks Deeisenberg did Rocks and Minerals.
Fossils Deeisenberg did Fossils.
Bugs Deeisenberg did Don't Bug Me.
Bloon Deeisenberg did Balloon Race.
H2O Qual Deeisenberg did Water Quality.
Weather Deeisenberg did Meteorology.
Wheeled Vehicle Deeisenberg did(ish) Wheeled Vehicle.
Metric Deeisenberg did Metric Mastery.