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General Info

Loves anatomy!! Also does meteorology, dynamic planet, solar system, junkyard challenge and pentathlon and wright stuff apparently when needed for the team. Went to Nationals twice: 2008 GW university, and 2010 U of Illinois. Competed for Bala Cynwyd Middle School from 2006-2010, will be competing for Lower Merion High School.

Now at Lower Merion HS trying to make an instrument for sounds... still loves anatomy thought not endocrine

Sci Oly-er in B Divison

Went to Bala Cynwyd Middle School from 6th to 8th grade.

2008-2009 (note: not complete as i dont exactly remember what i got...)

  • Regionals
    • Anatomy-1st
    • Dynamic Planet-4th
    • Disease Detective-6th
    • Team overall: 1st
  • States
    • Anatomy-4th
    • Dynamic Planet-7th
    • Pentathlon-6th
    • Team overall: 3rd

2009-2010 (note: not complete either...)

  • Solon Invitational
    • Anatomy-14th
    • Meteorology-7th
    • Solar System-5th
    • Dynamic Planet-
  • Regionals
    • Anatomy-7th
    • Dynamic Planet-8th
    • Meteorology-4th
    • Solar System-8th
    • Team overall: 2nd
  • States
    • Anatomy-3rd
    • Meteorology-2nd
    • Junkyard Challenge-2nd
    • Wright Stuff-1st
    • Pentathlon-13th
    • Team overall: 1st
  • Nationals
    • Pentathlon-4th
    • Meteorology-7th
    • Anatomy-34th
    • Compute This-25th
    • Team overall: 14th

Sci Oly-er in C Division

Going to compete for LM

  • 2010-2011 events
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Microbe Mission
    • Sounds of Music
    • Write It Do It

Awaiting wood for sounds...

Buddies on Scioly (Who go to/went to BC)