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General Information
Current Team Kellenberg Memorial High School
Past Team(s) Brother Joseph C. Fox Latin School
State NY
Division C Information
Forum profile EKT26

EKT26 is a senior on the Kellenberg Memorial High School, in Uniondale, NY.


2017 Season

I was put on the Bro. Fox A team. I got carried in every competition for Crime Busters by my OP partner. Mission Possible was a dud because I just joined the team and had no building experience. The main thing I learned was to build on a flat surface and have ways to balance my future devices.

This season had big ouch written all over it: a theme that is surely to repeat itself.

2018 Season

Now there was no Bro. Fox B team. Pros: 1. I didn't get carried this year. 2. I did most events I wanted Cons: My performance suffered. My highlight of this year was definitely getting sick at regionals and leaving before awards only to learn that I medaled in Thermodynamics. Even though it was 10th, I was still proud because it was my first medal where my effort actually paid off.

2019 Season

Co(?)-Captain of the Bro. Fox team. As all of our Div. B captains have historically been, I was very worried about this year. "Oh no we lost [insert so and so], we're going to do awful and not make states!" This wasn't this case thankfully. I personally stomped at regionals by medaling in all of my events (half due to good partners). Unfortunately my best two events Thermodynamics and Solar System conflicted at states. I dropped Thermodynamics since I believed more in that partner for the event and went on to get medal in Solar System at States. My highlight of the year was Density Lab at States. We didn't get to finish the test because some team couldn't rotate through the stations and caused a 20 minute delay.

2020 Season

Oh yeah! Big ouch back at it again! Now a sophomore, I was lucky enough to make the A team for Kellenberg. My events were Astronomy, Machines, and Ping-Pong Parachute. Astronomy was probably my favorite to study for. Machines the most frustrating (small math errors due to lack of sleep before comps). PPP was the most fun since it was our team's biggest jump in performance. The little fact about having a stable platform from 2017 helped in Machines since we made sure to put stuff on it to make it adjustable. While initially it doesn't look like big ouch back at it again, it was because I got a bit carried at the end in my studying events so that is not exactly the vibe.

2021 Season

My hunch from last season about getting carried was true! My placements have dropped off, and I got added onto Chemistry Lab and then later Disease Detectives. Getting 7th, My partner and I medaled at States in Astronomy. I wish I could say good things about my other events, but unfortunately no :/

2022 Season

I'm doing Astronomy, Chemistry Lab, and Ping-Pong Parachute.

Division C Results


Event Cornell LISO Columbia Valley Forge North Pocono Regionals Centerville SOUP
Astronomy 10th 8th 5th 18th 1st 3rd 8th 15th
Machines 23rd 18th 11th 24th 5th 1st 11th 13th
Ping-Pong Parachute 6th 48th 3rd 3rd 4th 1st 7th 15th


Event BEARSO Boyceville Mini Northview North Pocono UChicago SHSSO HUSO-BSO SOUC SOUP RHSOI BirdSO Regionals States
Astronomy 42th 5th 27th 39th 11th 20th 121st 2nd 37th 4th 27th 1st 7th
Chemistry Lab 118th 8th 25th 32nd 51st 33rd 30th 30th 47th 17th 77th 10th 33rd
Machines 41st 14th 9th 4th 19th 5th 14th 17th 49th 8th 12th 3rd 13th