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General Information
Years in SO 4
Past Team(s) Bay Shore High School, Bay Shore Middle School
State FlagOfNewYork.png New York
Total medals 6
  • 1 invitational medal
  • 5 regional medals
  • 0 state medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 6
  • 1 invitational
  • 4 regionals
  • 1 state
Events competed in 8

EmmaRizzo (me) is a current student at Bay Shore High School in Bay Shore, New York [1]. I was on both Bay Shore Middle School, as well am currently on the Bay Shore High School science olympiad team(s). I currently only compete in Forensics (as of 2021), but I have competed in Crime Busters, Food Science, Potions and Poisons, Optics, and Rocks and Minerals. I also have done WIDI but I don't count that.

Science Olympiad Information

Events competed in

6th grade

Optics: N/A
Rocks and Minerals: N/A

7th grade

Crime Busters: 7th
Potions and Poisons: 8th

8th grade

Crime Busters: 1st
Food Science: 4th

9th grade

Forensics: 2nd

Medals and Placings Throughout the Years

Division B

8th EmmaRizzo has received a 8th place medal in Potions and Poisons at 2019 Eastern Long Island Regionals.
7th EmmaRizzo has received a 7th place medal in Crime Busters at 2019 Eastern Long Island Regionals.
5th EmmaRizzo has received a 5th place medal in Crime Busters at 2020 Eastern Long Island Regionals.
Gold EmmaRizzo has received a Gold medal in Crime Busters at 2020 Eastern Long Island Regionals.
4th EmmaRizzo has received a 4th place medal in Food Science at 2020 Eastern Long Island Regionals.

Division C

Silver EmmaRizzo has received a Silver medal in Forensics at 2021 Eastern Long Island Regionals.

Favorite B Division Events

As someone who basically did the same events every single year, I really cannot say much, but here's my top 5 division B events.

1. Crime Busters

2. Food Science

3. Potions and Poisons

4. Optics

5. Rocks and Minerals

Other Activities

I did actually participate in other extracurricular activities outside of Science Olympiad. Here is a list of my activities:

  • Middle School
    • Softball
    • Volleyball
    • Student Council
    • Chorus
    • Orchestra
    • National Junior Honor Society