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Emperos was a competitor for the Albuquerque Academy teams from 2006-2012. Over his seven years of competition, he accrued numerous medals in many events, at both the Regional and State levels. He was part of the notorious State Champion teams of the early part of the 2010s, leading the team in points his senior year (and the team's 10th consecutive championship) in 2012. Over the years, he competed in the following events:

B division:

Bridge Building

Experimental Design

Write It Do It



Dynamic Planet

C Division:

Remote Sensing

Dynamic Planet



Robot Arm

Sumo Bots

Water Quality

Experimental Design


I am incredibly honored to have competed against such worthy opponents, and I owe so much to my team for carrying the Academy when we were down. I have such respect for all the past members of Academy teams, who did most of the work in establishing Albuquerque Academy as the team which has won State more times than any team in the nation, ever. To those Academy competitors of the future: Keep the dream alive. Continue the legacy. Only 3 Academy teams have ever lost State; long live the win streak!