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General Information
Years in SO 4
Current Team Harmony School of Innovation-Fort Worth
Grade 9th
State TX
Division B
Total medals 17
  • 7 invitational medals
  • 9 regional medals
  • 1 state medal
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 13
  • 5 invitationals
  • 4 regionals
  • 4 states
Events competed in 38
Social Media
Discord eno#6279

hihi! I'm enzoom though you can just call me eno :D it is also my discord user! I've been competing in Science Olympiad since 6th grade in Harmony School of Innovation-Fort Worth and have done so until 9th grade. I hope to form a division C team soon enough, though I don't think the school will support our decision </3... until then, this might be my last year (2020-2021).

I did a variety of events, and I never really stuck with a category, I always "clicked" with whatever the events I were given. Through 6th-7th grade, I wasn't really sure what I was doing in Science Olympiad until I got my first 1st place medal at state for Roller Coaster. Since then, I've been using that as motivation to work harder and harder on everything I do, especially Science Olympiad :D My overall favorite events are Anatomy & Physiology, Food Science, Disease Detectives, Write it Do it, and Herpetology. I probably will never be able to see them again... R.I.P

Fun fact: I like making really nice notes, and I wish I could share how they look somehow bcs I'm vv proud of how it looks, but idk how I'd do dat... someone help me pls </3

2017-2018 Season: 6th Grade

In 6th grade, our teacher just presented to the class about the opportunity of joining Science Olympiad, and being curious, I joined in! I was first given Herpetology, Rocks & Minerals, and Experimental Design, however, I had no idea what was going on. I didn't make a cheat sheet for herpetology, made a last-minute binder for R&M, and didn't even attend EXPD in our invy.

During regionals, I was given Rocks & Minerals and Ecology. Surprisingly, despite not knowing what we were doing, placed 3rd in Ecology, putting me on the roster for state!

At state, I was given back Herpetology and was given Roller Coaster, placing 19th and 20th respectively. Not my best year, but it definitely sparked something :D

Event Name HSI-FW Invy Regionals State
Ecology - 3rd -
Experimental Design 8 - -
Herpetology 6th - 19
Rocks & Minerals 8 - -
Roller Coaster - - 20

2018-2019 Season: 7th Grade

In 7th grade, I was kind of getting the grasp of Science Olympiad and what's going on. No one had really explained to me what we were supposed to be doing, but I assumed that we were to study and then take a test, which is essentially what happens. This time I was given Herpetology, Heredity, and Roller Coaster. I was also a fill-in for Density Lab.

Then for regionals, I had Herpetology, Roller Coaster, and a new event, Circuit Lab. We surprisingly placed in Roller Coaster and Circuit Lab, but didn't in Herpetology. I still made it to states!

For states, I was given even more events, though I did lose Herpetology. I was given Write it Do it and Naked Egg Drop! I did those 2 with my best friends, and did well (except for NED). Then, we placed in Roller Coaster! It was shocking to the whole team, and was an experience I'll never forget :D

Event Name HSI-FW Invy Regionals State
Circuit Lab - 1st 13
Density Lab 12 - -
Herpetology 10 6th -
Naked Egg Drop - - 26
Roller Coaster 5th 2nd 3rd
Write It Do It - - 6th

2019-2020 Season: 8th Grade

8th grade was supposed to be my best year </3 but it was cut short due to COVID-19. There were some changes made to how we made teams, and we had over 40 people sign up, though before our first invy, around 10 people dropped, so we only were able to make 2 teams as per usual. This time, we attended UT Austin Invitational. I had A&P, Ping Pong Parachute, and Write it Do it, but filled in for Ornithology and Heredity.

Some funny moments were made during the competition, one being that the other team who filled in for Heredity had actually fallen asleep during the test. I also had a conflict between PPP and WIDI and chose to do WIDI since I was the only one on the team that knew how to do WIDI. I didn't do bad as much as I thought at UT Austin.

Then at regionals, I kept my events, and did very very well, placing 1st place in all of them! We were pumped for states as we thought we could get top 15 this year, seeing we beat Kingwood Middle School who had placed 13th last year, but sadly, COVID-19 came around the corner, and the season was cut short </3

Event Name UT Austin Invy HSI-FW Invy Regionals
Anatomy & Physiology 10th 3rd 1st
Heredity 36 - -
Ornithology 26 - 4th
Ping Pong Parachute 6th 2nd 1st
Write It Do It 15 9 1st

2020-2021 Season: 9th Grade

With it being my final year, I wanted to make the most of it, working as hard as possible and helping everyone out so that I can finally live my life knowing we didn't place 21st at state again </3 This year, I've been helping out on other teammates' events, doing competitions and workshops in our discord server and so on. I wanted to take initiative to make sure our team was to the best of our ability.

Our first invitational was Sierra Vista Invitational, and I really liked it. I had my chosen events--A&P, Food Science, and Simple Machines--and my 2 events I picked up (since I've been studying/studied them beforehand)--Codebusters and EXDE. I did very well in the A track, placing 1st in almost everything, though did not do as well overall, only placing 13th as my highest event in A&P.

In regionals, similar to 8th-grade year, I placed 1st in all of my events again :D and better yet, our team placed 1st in 12 of the 16 events given, with 1 2nd place, 1 3rd place, 1 4th place, and 1 5th place for the other events. This gave us even more motivation as a rival, WoodCreek Junior High had recently placed 6th at state, making us think we weren't going to place high. However, to our surprise, did really really well.

Hope to see even better results at state! HSI-FW top 5? o-o edit: we got 6th :)

Events I Participated in

Event Name Sierra Vista Invy [A] Regionals State
Anatomy & Physiology 1st 1st 4th
Codebusters 1st - -
Disease Detectives - 1st 14
Experiment and Data Analysis 1st - -
Food Science 1st - 3rd
Simple Machines 2nd 1st 8th

Events I Helped Out in

Event Name Role
Botany Worked together
Fossils Help start
Green Generation Worked together
Meteorology Worked together
Ornithology Help start