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General Information
Years in SO 4
Current Team Castro Valley High School
Grade 10th
Past Team(s) Creekside Middle School
State California (North)
Division C Information
Forum profile Epithelium58
Total medals 8
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 12
Events competed in 11
Years volunteered 1
Number of competitions 4
Number of tests written 2
Number of events ran 2
Social Media
Discord Thelium#3575

Epithelium58, also known as Thelium is a sophomore at Castro Valley High School. He competed for Creekside Middle School for 2 years and co-coaches their Anatomy and Physiology team. Some of his favorite events are Anatomy and Physiology, Machines, and Digital Structures. Thelium is also pretty good at choking Anatomy and Physiology where it matters most. In the 2020-2021 virtual season, he has also taken interest in grading and writing tests.

Aside from Science Olympiad, he enjoys playing piano and viola, as well as percussion. After competing in Ornithology freshman year, he also enjoys watching, drawing, and painting birds.

CVHSEpithelium58 attends Castro Valley High School.
CAEpithelium58 competes in a state.

Personal Awards

3rd Epithelium58 has received a Bronze medal in Anatomy and Physiology at Christensen in 2019.
2nd Epithelium58 has received a Silver medal in Anatomy and Physiology at Regionals in 2019.
3rd Epithelium58 has received a Bronze medal in Machines at Regionals in 2020.
2nd Epithelium58 has received a Silver medal in Detector Building at Regionals in 2020.
3rd Epithelium58 placed 3rd in Chicken Breeds at the December 2020 Monthly Event Challenges.
1st Epithelium58 has received a Gold medal in Digital Structures at Aggie in 2021.
13th Epithelium58 has received a 13th place medal in Anatomy and Physiology at MYSO in 2021.
21th Epithelium58 has received a 21th place medal in Anatomy and Physiology at Harvard-Brown in 2021.
5th Epithelium58 has received a 5th place medal in Environmental Chemistry at Troy-Athens in 2021.
3rd Epithelium58 placed 3rd in Digital Structures at the February 2021 Monthly Event Challenges.
2nd Epithelium58 has received a Silver medal in Digital Structures at Regionals in 2021.
3rd Epithelium58 placed 3rd in Future of Science at the April 2021 Monthly Event Challenges.

Team Awards

3rd Creekside Middle School received a 3rd place trophy at the 2019 Christensen Cougar Invitational.
4th Creekside Middle School received a 4th place trophy at the 2019 Bay Area Regional.
6th Castro Valley High School received a 6th place trophy at the 2021 Bay Area Regional.

2021-2022 Season (11th Grade C)

Waiting for the 2021-2022 season!


2021-2022 Season (11th Grade C)

Tournaments and Placements

Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology
Remote Sensing
Bridge Building
Environmental Chemistry
Total Teams


2020-2021 Season (10th Grade C)

Due to the cancellation of in-person tournaments, this allowed the school to attend more tournaments across the country. This was also the first year Thelium made it onto the A-team.

Tournaments and Placements

Event BEARSO Aggie Harvard-Brown2 Troy-Athens Regionals
Anatomy & Physiology 30 10 21 - 10
Digital Structures 371 1st - - 2nd
Detector Building 103 27 - - 10
Enviro-Chem - - - 5th4 -
GeoMapping - - 423 - -
Team 50 15 18 11 8
Total Teams 203 70 152 50 36
Event MYSO
Anatomy and Physiology 13


1 Like many others at the time, Thelium was tiered for a construction violation (Digital Structures) at BEARSO, costing him a potential top 5 placement

2 Harvard-Brown did not run build events

3 At Harvard-Brown, Thelium was a filler for one of the 2 Geologic Mapping students

4 Thelium did the trial event Environmental Chemistry for fun as an alternate at Troy-Athens

2019-2020 Season (9th Grade C)

This was Thelium's first year in Division C. He was also on the B-team.

Tournaments and Placements

Event Aggie Regionals1
Anatomy & Physiology 6 12
Machines 17 3rd
Detector Building 22 2nd
Ornithology 13 -
Team 18 10
Total Teams 43 39


1 Unfortunately, a schedule conflict occurred on the day of Regionals, and Thelium had to miss Ornithology

2018-2019 Season (8th Grade B)

This was Thelium's second and last on Division B. That year, Creekside also went to States. This was also the first time any Castro Valley School had been to an invitational.

Tournaments and Placements

Event Christensen Regionals States
Anatomy & Physiology 3rd 2nd 9
Roller Coaster ?1 9 12
Density Lab ?1 18 12
Team 3rd 4th 9
Total Teams 23 31 27


1 Cannot find results

2017-2018 Season (7th Grade B)

This was Thelium's First year of SciOly! He didn't really know what he was doing.

Tournaments and Placements

Event Regionals
Anatomy & Physiology 12
Solar System 13
Thermodynamics 14
Team 12
Total Teams 26

Tournament Volunteering

Season Tournament State Level Date Event Role Teams Folder
2020-2021 SOAPS PA Invitational 2/6/2021 Anatomy and Physiology C Grader 81 -
New Mexico States NM States 3/6/2021 Anatomy and Physiology B/C Co-Writer with Ninn, Shalubeta 18 NM States B/C
SMEC March - Other 3/28/21 - 4/4/21 Anatomy and Physiology Co-Writer with Fatf1sh 16 SMEC March
SMEC May - Other 5/22/21 - 5/29/21 Digital Structures Event Supervisor - -

Aside from the Competition

For the things SciOly related.

Thelium's Event Rankings

Thelium's list of his favorite to least favorite event

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Digital Structures
  • Machines
  • Ornithology
  • Roller Coaster
  • Solar System
  • Density Lab
  • Thermodynamics
  • Detector Building
Thelium's Bird Drawings

Below are a few of the birds Thelium has drawn. He's relatively new and isn't very good, but he draws and paints birds when he has time.

This is the first bird Thelium drew.
This is one of Thelium's first watercolor works.
Thelium experimented with different colors, but as a result, many mistakes were made.