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General Information
Years in SO 1
Current Team Lower Merion High School
Grade 9th
Past Team(s) Bala Cynwyd Middle School
State PA
Division C
Pennsylvania.svg Information
Forum profile EwwPhysics
Exalted 1x
Total medals 8
Invitational medals 6
Regional medals 2
State medals 0
Competitor Info
Competitons attended 4
Invitationals attended 3
Regionals attended 1
States attended 0

Hi! I go to Lower Merion High School (class of 2024) and my middle school was Bala Cynwyd Middle School. In late May in my 7th grade year, my friends (most of which were in SciOly) convinced me to join. At first, I was convinced that I would only do SciOly for a year, to help out my friends. However, after doing SciOly for a couple months, I grew to love it. Once I had been to my first competition, Rustin, I became completely committed and knew that I couldn't simply quit (even though my performance wasn't as good as I had hoped).

At the end of February in my 8th grade year, I discovered, and created an account. Connecting with fellow sciolyers from across the country has been a wonderful experience, and I'm so glad that I was convinced to get an account (shoutout to IHateClouds!).

Fun fact about me: I've competed in exactly 4 events at every competition that I've attended! (unfortunately this streak will be broken at Solon, where I will be dying with 5 events in a row)

LowerMerionLogo.pngEwwPhysics attends Lower Merion High School.
BCMSLogo.pngEwwPhysics attended Bala Cynwyd Middle School.
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PAEwwPhysics competes in Southeast Pennsylvania.
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Results (Please Don't Judge)

Charts of Results

Note: any top 10 finish will be colored in - gold for 1st, silver for 2nd, brown for 3rd, light brown for 4th-6th, and light green for 7th-10th. Medals or ribbons will be bolded.
For team results, I put the result of the team that I was on, not the best-placing team (although in 8th grade I always happened to be on the best team)
If the competition was split into AA and AAA divisions (i.e. Rustin), I put my overall placing, not my placing within the division that I was in.

2019-2020 (8th Grade, Division B)

In the 2020 season, I competed in Heredity, Fossils, Write It Do It, and Circuit Lab.

Event Rustin Garnet Valley Regionals States
Heredity 20th 3rd 3rd WHY
Fossils 4th 4th 1st WHY
Circuit Lab 14th 7th 7th WHY
Write It Do It 15th 3rd 7th WHY
Team 8th (?) 4th 1st WHY

At Rusin and Garnet Valley, top 6 medalled and 7th and 8th place received ribbons.
At regionals, top 4 medalled.

2020-2021 (9th Grade, Division C)

Event SMEC UT Austin MIT Solon Princeton? SOUP?
Designer Genes - - TBD TBD
Disease Detectives - 28th - TBD
Fossils - 24th TBD TBD
Protein Modeling - 14th TBD TBD
Circuit Lab1 - 5th TBD -
Anatomy (lolol) - - - TBD - -
Cell Biology 7th - - - - -
Science Bowl 11th - - - - -
Team - 10th 1 TBD TBD

1 8th if superscored.

At UT Austin, top 10 medalled.


8th Grade (2019-2020)

My Events:

  • Fossils: Hehe I was carried. Really carried. (although after regionals I started to actually study - I wish I had done it earlier)
  • Heredity: This was probably the event that I spent the most time on - I was very excited to see how well I would do at states. I had a filler partner for regionals since my previous partner didn't make the team.
  • Circuit Lab: Both me and my partner were horrible. We had a 60-page binder full of stuff that neither of us understood.
  • WIDI: I was the doer and I was decent at it but my partner wasn't the best at writing. We were lucky to have IHateClouds coaching us and making us ridiculously-difficult WIDIs to practice with.

Rustin Invitational

This was my first competition ever for scioly, and it was super exciting! There were a couple of bombs - I had really hoped to place in Heredity, but unfortunately our score was worse than I had thought it would be due to a number of reasons (i.e. my partner being stupid, me being stupid for not checking his work, and weird test with some wrong answers in the answer key). My meh performance motivated me to study a lot before our next competition, Garnet Valley.

Team - 8th (announced as 5th at competition)

Garnet Valley Invitational

This was definitely my best performance at any competition in my 8th grade year. The most memorable moment at this competition was watching my friend compete in Mission Possible. He could have easily placed, but his clumsiness made him drop the golf ball so that it bounced off of the cup that it was supposed to go in, and then triggered the final action (which disqualified all of the previous actions because they're supposed to go in order). He wasn't even able to get points for the final action because, although it was triggered, the ball did not land on the tee. We were upset because of the bomb, but it was worth it for the laughs!

Team - 4th

Regionals (SEPA South)

After my high point at Garnet Valley, my placings at regionals were a bit of a disappointment (Garnet Valley is similar to states in terms of the competition, and my average at regionals was worse than my average at Garnet Valley). I have my excuses for why certain events didn't do so well, but in the end I knew that I had to study and practice more for states. Unfortunately, states was canceled due to COVID-19, so I never got to see how well I would have done. I was disappointed that my first chance to compete at states (and most likely last for one or two years, as I was moving up to a competitive high school) was ruined, but was glad that I could start prepping for high school early!

Team - 1st

9th Grade (2020-2021)

My Events:

  • Designer Genes: My favorite and probably best (I don't know yet since I've never competed in it at a competition, but I've studied the most for it) event. Genetics is cool!
  • Fossils: Unlike last year, this year I'm actually capable at ID! I'm still not great at the event though, and navigating the binder online is super difficult for me.
  • Disease Detectives: Although this is my first year competing in it, I did have some background in disease going into it because I studied for it last year before I realized that it conflicted with WIDI. It's a really fun event for me and I hope to improve throughout the season!
  • Protein Modeling: I have no idea what I'm doing. My mentality for protein went from "let's get good at biochem!" when I first started to "let's become half-decent at jmol and get carried for the other parts of the event" after a couple of months (jmol is super cool!). It's a really good event, it's just that I just don't know any chemistry.

UT Austin Invitational

My first ever Division C competition was super fun! Although I didn't get to compete in my favorite event (Designer Genes), I still had a really good time. Even though online competitions will never be the same as in person ones, I enjoyed taking my tests and watching the awards ceremony with my team. I placed around where I expected to for all of my events.

Team - 10th (superscore 8th)

Test Writing

I've only written for Scioly Summer Study Session so far, but I hope I can write for some local PA invites this year!

Tournament Date Role Link
SSSS - Heredity Writer Test Key
SSSS - Fossils Writer Test Key

Random Stuff About Me

My username: Honestly I wasn't thinking when I thought of it... on a science olympiad website, it probably isn't the best idea to "ew" a branch of science that many people love. Please note that I do not hate physics, I just prefer other branches of science, especially biology.

I was pleased to contribute for the 2020 Pseudonats! I helped to write tests for the events Punnett Square Dancing and Octogenarians.

I am also very happy to compete in Pennsylvania. It is one of the most competitive states in the country, and I am very glad for that. In Div. B, at least when I was competing, there were many teams that would have been very competitive nationally (i.e. could get top ~20-30 at nats). Div C is perhaps even more competitive. I love being forced to work hard. Sure, we don't make nats as often as we would if we were in a less competitive state, but it's worth it for the motivation that it gives me and my fellow teammates!

Besides SciOly, I like to play piano and study random biology stuff. I'm also on my school's debate team (I do Public Forum).

On the Science Olympiad discords, I often go by the name "Liz" (see here for a short explanation). I've also been called "biobrat", "petri dish", "EwwLizzy"/"EwwLizzics", and "lizzo."

Favorite Quotes

“It is time for the human race to enter the solar system!”
-Dan Quayle

“It isn’t pollution that is harming the environment. It’s the impurities in the air and water that are doing it.”
-Dan Quayle

“Space is almost infinite. In fact, we think it is infinite!”
-Dan Quayle

“If you give a man a fish, he’ll fish for a day. But if you train a man to fish, he’ll fish for a lifetime.”
-Dan Quayle

“One word sums up the responsibility of any Vice President, and that one word is “to be prepared””
-Dan Quayle

Credits: Pepperonipi for some userboxes and Sciolyperson1 because I was too lazy to make my results chart without copy/pasting the code.