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CTMS SciO (2017-19) ONHS SciO (2019-?)

2016-2017 Season (6th Grade)


2017-2018 Season (7th Grade)

Actually did stuff and made the team, Rocks was meh. WIDI was abysmal. Lost to Leawood in Exp @ state. Didn't go to nats.

State: ExpD 2nd, Rocks 7th :( WIDI is better left unsaid

2018-2019 Season (8th Grade)

1st solo in ExpD (at an invite, but it was still cool)

State: ExpD 1st, Heredity 1st, P&P 3rd

Didn't go to nats. Depression-inducing. Au revoir, my hopes and dreams! You escaped my grasp. EyeRolls will be moping forevermore.

2019-2020 Season (9th Grade)

Ok, I guess. Wasn't the best. Carried by partners. Div C learning curve, I guess?

State: Coronavirus happened...


California Trail Middle School

Olathe North High School