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EyeRolls03 is a student that is loyal to CTMS Science Olympiad (2017-18, 2018-19) and would like to go to nats one day.

2016-2017 Season (6th Grade)

EyeRolls did not make the Science Olympiad team as a 6th grader, because she was extremely braindead, extremely unimaginative, and extremely stupid.

2017-2018 Season (7th Grade)

EyeRolls did not expect to perform as well as she did in 7th grade (having never accomplished anything in her insignificant life before this year). However, she competed in an event that was new to her: Experimental Design. As CTMS SciOly team tryouts require all CT Students to participate in every event individually, she did not harbor hopes of even coming close to placing. However, with the aid and advice of Gcat998, she placed 7th at the California Trail Invitational (still bad, but it was solo) in ExpD. After she found out about this (immediately after the award ceremony), she went home fuming. A few more practice tests, one competition test, and a stroke of luck later, she managed to medal in the event (solo), at the Pembroke Hill Invitational and scavenged (somehow? IDK) for herself a place on the CT SciOly team, where she was assigned the events Experimental Design, Rocks and Minerals (where User: Gcat998 carried her, though Gcat is humble and denies this), and Write It, Do It. EyeRolls03 was relieved to hear that she now had two partners to compete in ExpD with her.

Monticello Trails Invitational: ExpD 2nd (TO PEMBROKE! Ugh.), Rocks and Min 6th

2018 NE Kansas Regional: ExpD 1st, Rocks and Min 4th

2018 KS State Tournament: ExpD 2nd (to LEAWOOD! CT’s biggest ExpD competitor, ugh.) Rocks and Min 7th (sorry, I failed in Rocks and WIDI)

Didn’t make nats, shed angry (and later, broken) tears, etc., etc.,

2018-2019 Season (8th Grade)

8th Grade was undeniably EyeRolls03’s most successful year. She had taken a sort of oath the previous year: when trying out for the team again in 8th Grade, she would place 1st in ExpD, SOLO (this was mainly to rub her solo ExpD talents in the faces of all ExpD teams of 3).

She did not expect to achieve this goal, seeing as it was difficult to place 1st in ExpD, even as a team. At the Pioneer Trail Invitational, a few people gave her weird looks, or asked her, “Where are your partners?”, or “You’re REALLY doing this solo.......?” However, she placed 1st in ExpD at that comp.

03 also put her entire soul into working on Potions and Poisons, and was devastated to find out that her results were not very good. She was ok, I guess, at Heredity, but she thanks Anshika for being an excellent event partner at Regionals and State for Heredity. The same goes to Katelyn, for P&P.

03’s insomnia began to worsen around December, so she blames her horrible performance at the Pembroke Hill Invitational(4th in ExpD) on this.

The Monticello Trails Invitational of the 2018-2019 season was cancelled due to weather and snow days.

2019 NE KS Regional: ExpD 1st, Heredity 3rd, P&P 3rd

2019 KS State Tournament: ExpD 1st, Heredity 1st, P&P 3rd

Didn’t make nats, and will be devastated, depressed, etc. for another month or so, but the WHOLE TEAM has to CARE ENOUGH to go to nats.

2019-2020 Season (9th Grade)

(As of Sunday, April 7, 2019): Working on it


California Trail Middle School

Olathe North High School

    April 7, 2019: Gcat988 and EyeRolls03 are moping, and Gcat was probably moping on the way back from State yesterday. (03 was) The sky’s tears fell on their behalf (Translation: it rained, and it was lovely.)

Au revoir, my hopes and dreams! You escaped my grasp. EyeRolls will be moping forevermore.