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Alumnus of Harriton High School and current student in the College at University of Pennsylvania. If you have any questions about the events I've done, Harriton Science Olympiad, or Penn, feel free to shoot me a PM!


Division B

Ecology, Science Crime Busters, Can't Judge a Powder, Experimental Design, Microbe Mission, Disease Detectives, Ecology

Division C

Freshman: Forensics, Chemistry Lab, Microbe Mission, Disease Detectives

Sophomore: Designer Genes, Forensics, Disease Detectives, Experimental Design

Junior: Designer Genes, Forensics, Disease Detectives, Experimental Design

Senior: Cell Biology, Disease Detectives, Green Generation (for a few months), Protein Modeling

Fun Facts

I started Science Olympiad in 7th grade at Bala Cynwyd MS

Having been raised by a mother who had meager access to standardized education, I was taught not only Mandarin but also a few dialects of Wu Chinese

I listen to indie/alt and house music regularly, but I'm into almost everything

Notable Achievements

Twin Tiers Invites (2012): 2nd in Microbe Mission, 3rd in Disease Detectives

Solon Invites (2012): 1st in Microbe Mission

PA States (2013): 3rd in Designer Genes

Nationals @ Wright State (2013): 2nd in Designer Genes

SE PA Regionals (2014): 1st in Forensics, 1st in Disease Detectives

PA States (2014): 2nd in Disease Detectives

Cornell Invites (2015): 2nd in Disease Detectives, 3rd in Cell Biology

SE PA Regionals (2015): 1st in Disease Detectives, 2nd in Protein Modeling

PA States (2015): 1st in Protein Modeling

Nationals @ Nebraska (2015): 1st in Protein Modeling