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Fuddermuffin777, better known as our Sublime Padishah Emperor, is a really chill guy. He is well known for being very awesome. He is the Head Engineer for JTMS and the head of team morale and the department of slacking off. Under the command of our Sublime Padishah Emperor, it became possible for productivity to skyrocket by fifty trillion percent, because his mix-tape is just too good. In his early childhood, he got a PhD in "chill" and graduated from the University of the Sublime Padishah Emperors.


Early Life

Fuddermuffin777 materialized out of nowhere on a random day in 2003. Immediately, he was blessed by the Flying Spaghetti Monster to become a great pastafarian. At the age of 4, he graduated from the University of the Sublime Padishah Emperors and received his PhD in "chill". As a child, however, he was deeply scarred by an episode of Futurama. It was at that point that he decided to give up on getting an A+ and would instead change his focus to having a good time and enjoying life. His later behavior would reflect this.He also developed a love for the freedom of speech, and would abuse it multiple times in his later life. In 2015, he joined the JTMS Scioly team, and would be scarred further more by the terrible method of cruel and unusual punishment, better known as Mission Possible.

First Year of Scioly

In his first year of Science Olympiad, he chose four events: Disease Detectives, Reach for the Stars, ELG, and Mission Possible. After the first month, he decided that study events were for scrubs and turned his attention towards ELG. He would also give up on ELG however, as he would be replaced by this kid who payed this guy to make ELGs for him (Which really wasn't too bad of an idea). With all his time diverted to Mission Possible, he would discover the true meaning of stress and suicidal thoughts. Having begun working on Mission with the former head engineer (plus this Japanese boy), he would be forced to work three hours a school day and 5 hours a weekend day. He would be subjected to cruel conditions with unmeetable quotas. He would persevere and continue working on Mission as his sole event, only to develop back pain, migraines, and a deep hatred for all things Mission Possible. A bit before State, however, he was chosen to become next year's Head Engineer, which he hastily accepted. He would later regret this decision, as it would soon take a toll on his ability to be a normal human being.

Second Year of Scioly

In his second year of Scioly, his focus once again was turned towards Mission Possible. Although occasionally working on other event, he would spend hours a day toiling away on his project. Will it work? Will it not work? We will have to wait until Regionals to see whether or not he can retain his sanity (It didn't work). Following a great wave of depression and suicidal thoughts, he returned to work on his Mission in order to prepare it for the State tournament.

Personal Life

He is known to be a really chill guy that is generally nice to people. However, he is known to physically flip people that call him "uncommitted"