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Hello, earthlings. This is Gcat998 here. She would like you to know that she is doing perfectly fine at ON but was looking through her old notes and became very she loved being partners with EyeRolls03, Aarushi, Yamnatbackwards, and VirginiaCTKid! *brushes away a very real tear* VirginiaCTKid would like to express his gratitude to Gauri for DP. Without her, we couldn't have done it. Be happy now, you don't have to carry my little Yamnat.

She would also like all you incoming freshies to know that she continues her legacy of hard carrying to Olathe North...along with KSSOISLIT, Kappa323598, and the immortal KK (only 2 K's everyone don't freak out). She will post her medal count towards the end of this post, but don't expect much (because there won't be much xD). She has managed (somehow) to make new friends during her time in high school. However, they consist of a cannibal that eats all the peasants in the land, and others.

Welp, the time has come for me to begin studying again. I guess I'll update this later.....

(As I was texting Gcat998 when she was writing this, I can confirm that she really did have to practice again.

-EyeRolls03, an incoming ON freshie

P.S. Gcat988 has won lots of medals and enjoys downplaying her intelligence. Some of her achievements include...oh, never mind, there are too many. She also beat a former solo first-placer in ExpD - still salty about that, but...)