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Geminicross is a quizbowl, debat,e and science olympiad competitor in the state of Georgia. He is currently serving as the JV Captain on the Academic/Quizbowl Team, and is in Division C in science olympiad. He is also a State Qualifier in Public Forum Debate.

Science Olympiad

7th Grade, 2011 (Division B)
Storm The Castle Crime Busters Write It Do It Team
Regionals 8th 3rd 8th 6th
8th Grade, 2012 (Division B)
Crime Busters Dynamic Planet Food Science Anatomy Team
Regionals 5th 2nd 3rd DNP 5th
State Bottom 8* 10th 9th 2nd 17th
9th Grade, 2013 (Division B)
Forestry Shock Value Crime Busters Team
Regionals 8th 3rd 4th 5th
  • -Those who placed between 16-24 were just given a score of 16.