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Here’s Accomplishments
Number of years competing 2
Total medals/ribbons 11
Invitational medals/ribbons 9
Regional medals/ribbons 2
State medals/ribbons rip
National medals/ribbons uh

Here (me) is a sophomore at Kellenberg Memorial High School and has competed there for two years. She currently competes in Anatomy and Physiology, Experimental Design, Herpetology, but has also competed in Microbe Mission, Disease Detectives, Write It Do It, and various one-time events.

Overview of Years


In 2018, Here joined Science Olympiad. She did not compete on the main competition team, and most of her events were one-time events. It was basically a joke


In 2019, Here was on the main competition team of her school. She competed in Anatomy and Physiology, Experimental Design, and Herpetology.

Event LISO Columbia Centerville Yale Regionals Tiger Cornell
Anatomy 4th 1st 6th 2nd 6th :((( 3rd 5th
Experimental Design 28th 17th 21st 7th 12th 5th 21st
Herpetology 13th 4th 17th 15th 4th 5th 28th