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Hiujier was human. I mean is a human -- I'm still human. He was part of the B team for Jeffrey Trail Middle School in his 7th-grade year and as of this writing is part of the A team for Jeffrey Trail Middle School. Right now he is wondering why all user-pages are written in 3rd person even though most of these are written by the user themselves in order to "seem cool" to his fellow teammates on Discord. He is now writing in the first person, but I think it will be a weird transition. I will now continue on with this user-page.

So now is the point in the user-page when I'm supposed to do what these young lads call "flexing" with my medals. Admittedly, I don't have as many medals as some of my other teammates, but let's leave that up to the imagination of the reader (Dear Reader: Please think I melted down my medals for spare metal.)

Anyways, here's is my "flex":

Medal "Flexing"

2018-2019 Season

2019 Orange County Regional Tournament (They say if you add the word 'tournament' at the end then you'll get extra respect.) - Thermodynamics: 1st - Experimental Design: 3rd - Road Scholar: 2nd

- Code Busters: 9th

Hopefully, adding 2 equation signs at the beginning and end of the line makes it appear smaller. Anyways, on to the next invitational.

Kraemer Invitational - Thermodynamics: 2nd - Experimental Design: 17th - Road Scholar: 8th

Mesa Wilson Invitational: - Thermodynamics: 1st - Experimental Design: 3rd - Road Scholar: 4th

Carmel Valley Invitational: - Thermodynamics: 3rd - Experimental Design: 13th - Road Scholar: 12th

Ladera Vista Invitational: - Thermodynamics: 8th - Experimental Design: 7th - Road Scholar: 6th

Kraemer Scrimmage: - Thermodynamics: 2nd - Experimental Design: 2nd - Road Scholar: 2nd

2017-2018 Season

I was about to say how things were about to get ugly. But looking at my track record this season, I think it might just be a matter of opinion.

2018 National Tournament Trial Event - Solar Power: 8th

2018 Southern California State Tournament Trial Event - Code Busters: 12th

2018 Orange County Regional - Wait a minute, there weren't any trial events!

Kraemer Invitational - Battery Buggy: 2nd (Grading error, one proctor might have mistaken 7 for -7. We will never know) - Rocks and Minerals: 16th - Experimental Design: 8th - Mystery Architecture: 10th

Mesa Robles Invitational - Battery Buggy: 12th - Rocks and Minerals: 6th - Experimental Design: 12th - Optics: 7th (I'm so sad. We got 7th to a DQ. It's OK partner)

Ladera Vista Invitational - Battery Buggy: 14th - Experimental Design: 1st (OG team. HAH; will never forget. I have yet to see a similar placing) - Optics: 6th (Still messed up on laser shoot, but not as bad as Mesa Robles. Still proud of partner.)

Kraemer Scrimmage - Optics: 5th (Choked hard on the color question because they used RYB, not CYMK) - Experimental Design: 8th (Exact placing unsure, but all I know was that this was a just placing and there was a lot more work to be done) - Battery Buggy: 5th (out of 5 people) (Also choked hard because it was 10m, not 9m) - Rocks and Minerals: 7th (should have placed 2nd) (except I didn't put mineral groups) (Are you kidding me?) (Still salty)

Weekly Testing: OK, I know there isn't much to talk about for weekly testing but I just have to say I beat two of our team members in Optics in one test. The same team members who got 2nd at Nationals. OK, now that I think about it it isn't really an achievement, but I'm still happy.

Hobbies other than Scioly:

This is on Stop stalking me.

Favorite things:

OK, seriously. Can you please stop trying to know me?

My Personal Values

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My motivation in Life


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Real name

Please stop taking informa wefgshdg asfhhhhhheelppppppppppasdfasdfjhgffgffg jksauhgf