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General Information
Years in SO 5
Current Team Lexington High School
Grade 10th
Past Team(s) William Diamond Middle School
State MA
Division C
Total medals 33 + 1
  • 21 invitational medals
  • 12 state medals
  • 0 national medals
  • 14 + 1 gold medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 13
  • 8 invitationals
  • 4 states
  • 1 national
Events competed in 41 + 3 (total)
12 + 1 (distinct)
Years volunteered 1
Number of competitions 1
Number of tests written 0
Social Media
Discord Hoatzin#4913
 Specimen 001: [A weird creature that walks and has weird sounds coming out.] 
First_Observed: 2016 Collected by: ALIEN Specimen_Name: Hoatzin General_Specimen_Description: First found at William Diamond Middle School in Massachusetts in 2016 with a focus on building flying objects and doing something called "physics" and then was somehow lured into "Earth Science" and building rolling objects. Seems to have had a brief contact with something called "biology" which appears to have been put on the "dislike" list. Extirpated from site 2019. Currently found at Lexington High School in Massachusetts where the specimen continues to primarily build random objects and and do this weird "Earth Science" (note: is this of concern?). However, random sightings of this specimen continue to be reported from Diamond under the so-called name of "coaching".
LHSHoatzin attends Lexington High School.
WDMSHoatzin attended William Diamond Middle School.

 Data Collection: Year 2020-2021 - Soph
 Specimen is still a small creature. Was named a  "Liaison" and placed on Varsity. Something else has appeared to taken over and caused specimen to have to stay some specified distance from other creatures and thus all the competitions were moved online. This allowed specimen's team to go to many more invitationals than normal. Specimen is now better known by the name Hoatzin. Hoatzin has continued to dive into the world of birds and fossils, and learned a lot about oceans. Discovered that "Earth Science" (concerning) is quite interesting. As a more build-focused creature, decided to take up Digital Structures for the lack of actual builds. Specimen continued to coach Diamond. Co-director of Lexington Invitational. 
Digital Structures - 11 1 - 7th - - 1st1
Dynamic Planet 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 1st - 1st
Fossils 7 6th 1st 3rd 1st 3rd 1st
Ornithology 2nd 10th 1st 1st 3rd 2nd 1st
Team 8 12 2nd 7th 2nd 64 2nd
Total Team Count 87 150 115 149 68 100 56

1 : Trial Event
** : Specimen was subbing in for an alternate on the Alternate team
- : Specimen did not compete or event was not held

 Data Collection: Year 2019-2020 - Frosh
 Small specimen made it to a big high school with many big names. Teams were unstacked going into Harvard, specimen was on Team B. Notably made some beautiful flying objects, which was slingshotted and crushed while winding the night before Harvard requiring a one-night-build. After Harvard, specimen was placed on the states team and on Ping Pong Parachute. Lots of work was put in afterwards at a barn, but due to something known as COVID (What is this? should this be of concern?) states that year appears to not be on our record. A coach of Diamond. 
Event Harvard States
Fossils 3rd -
Ornithology 8 -
Ping Pong Parachute - -
Wright Stuff 6 -
Team 12 -
 Data Collection: Year 2018-2019 - Grade 8
 Specimen was happy to finally be on varsity after many hours of work. Probably spent the most hours on scioly this year. Managed to finally win states after an impressively long streak from Coolidge. Took up Gliders, which turned out not as fun as building planes powered by spinning rubber. May have gotten sucked into "Earth Science" (once again, is this of concern?) after having a great fossils coach. Suprisingly did well as water quality until meeting floating bugs at nats. Enjoyed Battery Buggy (aka Curling) a lot, and had a high-accuracy buggy which crashed somewhat, due to creature error at nationals. 
Event Harvard States Nationals
Battery Buggy 32 3rd 8
Elastic Launched Glider 2nd 2nd 12
Fossils 2nd 1st 18
Water Quality 1st 1st 36
What Are You Trying to Tell Me1 - - 4
Team 6th 1st 34

1:Trial Event

 Data Collection: Year 2017-2018 - Grade 7
 Specimen was once again on an alternate team. Tryouts score distributions looked like a Keeling Curve. Spent a lot of hours and the brain knowledge increased. Discovered that "Lab Events" are not very enjoyable although building is fun. A very good year for Wright Stuff and suprisingly focused on physics events.
Event States
Hovercraft 2nd
Thermodynamics 2nd
Wright Stuff 1st
Team N/A*

* alternate teams did not get ranked at states

 Data Collection: Year 2016-2017 - Grade 6
 Specimen was a small creature on an alternate team. Became attached to making weird flying objects over the weekend that flew in circles. Also became wary of burning plastic and expired pringles. Tried but failed to get into many builds. The flying object happened to snap in half at states. 
Event States
Food Science 2nd
Wright Stuff 2nd
Team N/A*

* alternate teams did not get ranked at states

 Data Collection: Volunteering 
 Started volunteering in the 2020-21. If you have taken any of these tests and have feedback, please send it to the email linked in the test! Thanks!
Season Tournament Date Role Team Link
2020-2021 Lexington Invitational B 4/17/2021 Tournament Co-director Lexington Science Olympiad Captains and Liaisons
Digital Structures Co - Event Supervisor Nagamitesh Nagamuralee (co-event supervisor)
Dynamic Planet Co-writer Daniel Zhang (Co-writer)
David Zhou (Co-writer)
Fossils Co-writer Daniel Zhang (Co-writer)
David Zhou (Co-writer)
Meteorology Co-writer Daniel Zhang (Co-writer)
David Zhou (Co-writer)
Ornithology Question Contributor ArchdragoonKaela (main Writer)
Robin Pan (Question Contributor)
 Extra Notes:
 Weird Obsessions: Wright Stuff B/C, Battery Buggy B, Elastic Launched Glider B, Hovercraft B, Dynamic Planet (Oceanography) C, Fossils B/C, Ornithology C, Thermodynamics B, Water Quality B, Food Science B, Ping Pong Parachute C, Digital Structures C, What are you trying to tell me? B

courtesy of Bernard
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