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Margerie Glacier.jpg
General Information
Years in SO 6
Grade Undergraduate
Past Team(s) Blue Valley North High School
Leawood Middle School
State Kansas
Division D Information
Forum profile HugoTroop
Staff Position Wiki Moderator
Total medals 75
  • 40 invitational medals
  • 16 regional medals
  • 18 state medals
  • 1 national medal
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 32+
  • 16+ invitationals
  • 5 regionals
  • 5 states
  • 3 nationals
Events competed in 30
Years volunteered 4
Number of competitions 9
Number of tests written 12
Social Media
Discord kleinerPanzer#7593

HugoTroop is a former competitor from the state of Kansas. They previously competed for Leawood Middle School and captained for two seasons at Blue Valley North High School. They now attend the University of Washington as an undergraduate majoring in Geoscience.

In general, HugoTroop has an affinity for earth science and physics events, especially Dynamic Planet/Glaciers. In Division B, they were also somewhat of a builder, participating in events such as Elastic Launched Glider and Bridge Building. Meanwhile, HugoTroop has never been too keen on biology events and is currently sick and tired of chemistry as a whole.

HugoTroop joined in early 2018 but was not active anywhere until 2019 when they began editing the Wiki. In autumn of 2019, they first joined the IRC, and in spring of 2020, were added as a Wiki Moderator. Since then, they also hosted Scioly Assassination 151.

Quick Links, Projects, and Sandboxes


2015 Season (6th Grade)

Event Pembroke Hill Kearney Southland Regionals State Nationals
Bridge Building O X X X
Bio-Process Lab X X X X
Crave the Wave X 1 3 (4) 33
Meteorology/Climate X 19
Robo-Cross O X X X
Solar System/Extraterrestrial Water O
Wheeled Vehicle X 4-61 6 28

2016 Season (7th Grade)

Event Pembroke Hill Kearney Southland Regionals State
Bridge Building O - 4-61 X
Crave the Wave 2 - 4 2
Dynamic Planet/Oceanography 7 (9) - X 5
Elastic Launched Glider O (14) - 5
Meteorology/Everyday Weather 5 - 1 1 (3)
Road Scholar - X X
Scrambler 2 (3) - 7
Wind Power 3 - 3 3 (7)

2017 Season (8th Grade)

HugoTroop quit Science Olympiad for unknown reasons.

2018 Season (9th Grade)

Event O-Town Throwdown ThunderKat Klash Pembroke Hill Northland Warrensburg Regionals State Nationals
Astronomy 6 (6) - 5 (5) O (9) 3 X X 38
Chemistry Lab O (5) - 5 (5) X O X X X
Dynamic Planet/Tectonics O (4) - O (15) O (11) O 3 5 28
Optics X - O (15) O (17) O 2 6 29
Thermodynamics 2 (2) - 7 (7) O (5) O X X 53

2019 Season (10th Grade)

Event O-Town Throwdown ThunderKat Klash Northland Warrensburg Pembroke Hill Regionals State Nationals
Chemistry Lab 4 (4) - 4 (4) 4 5 (5) - 3 (4) 33
Circuit Lab 3 (3) - X X X - X X
Dynamic Planet/Glaciers 7 (7) - 1 (1) 3 3 (4) - 1 (1) 6
Fermi Questions X - O (12) O X - X X
Geologic Mapping 1 (1) - 1 (1) 4 1 (1) - 1 (1) 22
Thermodynamics 4 (4) - X 18 10 (10) - 3 (3) 53
Write It Do It X - 5 (7) 3 11 (14) - 7 (7) X

2020 Season (11th Grade)

Event O-Town Throwdown Pembroke Hill Eagles Mini-Tournament Regionals
Chemistry Lab X X X 2
Circuit Lab X 7 (7) O X
Dynamic Planet/Oceanography 4 (4) 2 (2) 2
Experimental Design X X X
Forensics 12 (14) X X X
Geologic Mapping 2 (2) 2 (2) 9
Machines 6 (7) 1 (1) 3
Sounds of Music 13 (16) 10 (13) Not Held 4

2021 Season (12th Grade)

Event BEARSO SOLVI UChicago SOAPS BirdSO Regionals State
AgriBio X X X X X X 5
Boomilever X X X X X 6 14
Circuit Lab 65 22 X X X X X
Cybersecurity X X X 26 27 X X
Dynamic Planet/Oceanography 100 41 20 36 12 2 1
Experimental Design X X 20 22 3 1 1
Fermi Questions X X X 8 3 X X
Geologic Mapping 94 23 9 10 31 3 2
Gravity Vehicle X X X X 11 6 1
Machines 37 15 7 9 11 2 4
Rocks and Minerals X X X X 40 X X
Science Quiz Bowl X X X X 34 X X
Sounds of Music 67 42 14 37 20 7 2
1: Ranking is unknown as the 4th through 6th place medals were identified by ribbon color and were not labeled.
2: Ranks in parenthesis represent the raw ranking, as opposed to the listed ranking outside of the parenthesis. In local invitationals, multiple entries are typically allowed per team per event. Only the highest-scoring entry per team is considered in the listed rank, while all competitors are considered for the raw rank. As such, competitors have a chance to be outranked by their teammates and not receive a listed rank. At the state competition, Kansas splits small and large schools into separate divisions for medals. The divisions are ignored when calculating the raw team scores.
3: Rank requirements for medals were different from the usual top 6 at the following tournaments: BEARSO (top 20), SOLVI (top 5), UChicago (top 10), SOAPS (top 8), BirdSO (top 12), Regionals (top 3), and State (top 3).

Unlabeled Awards

  • 3rd, Crave the Wave, 6th Grade, Competition Unknown
  • 4th, Scrambler, 7th Grade, Competition Unknown
  • 4th, Bridge Building, 6th Grade, Competition Unknown
  • 5th, Event Unknown, Grade Unknown, Competition Unknown
  • 5th, Wind Power, 7th Grade, Competition Unknown


Event October November May
Cell Biology X 18th X
Cybersecurity X X 9th
Disease Detectives X X 10th
Environmental Chemistry X X 5th
Lean Mean Meme Machine 1st X X
Machines 11th X X
Pokémon Trivia X 26th 26th
Write It CAD It X X 9th


Aside from event supervising, HugoTroop also assisted their middle school as a general helper and event coach for the 2018, 2019, and part of the 2020 seasons.

Season Tournament Role(s) Co-Volunteers
2019 Pembroke Hill Invitational (B) Assistant supervisor for Fossils SOnerd (Head writer)
Pioneer Trail Invitational Assistant supervisor for Roller Coaster
2020 Pioneer Trail Invitational Assistant supervisor for Circuit Lab
2021 Socorro High Invitational Co-writer for Machines
Co-writer for Science Quiz Bowl
sciolyperson1 and malikaow1004 (Co-writers)
RiverWalker88, sciolyperson1, malikaow1004, and Froggie (Co-writers)
River Hill Invitational Co-writer for Machines malikaow1004 (Co-writer)
BirdSO Invitational Co-writer for Machines (B) malikaow1004 (Co-writer)
Menomonie High School Invitational Co-writer for Machines (B) malikaow1004 (Co-writer)
SMEC May Co-writer for Edit Where Edit is Due
Co-writer for Fast Facts
Co-writer for Felinology
Co-writer for Geographic Mapping
jaspattack (Co-writer)
jaspattack (Co-writer)
zsg11, sophisSyo, ArchdragoonKaela, and jaspattack (Co-writers)
builderguy135, jaspattack (Co-writers)
2022 BirdSO Invitational (Mini) Co-writer for Crave the Wave malikaow1004
SOLVI Co-writer for Dynamic Planet amk578
Camas Invitational Co-writer for Experimental Design (C)


A selected list of quotes from various people.

"If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven't done much today."

"I began to feel the desire for something more; I wanted to do something to make things better."

"I have made a mistake."

"The truth may be puzzling."

"Simply because you do not understand something does not mean you are justified in denying it."

"The best educators are the ones that inspire their students."

"To value oneself solely on an award or achievement is foolish."

"We must be trusted to make the right decisions, especially when the orders we are given are wrong."

"An officer rank doesn't give you automatic respect. You earn it."

"The final battle against intolerance is to be fought – not in the chambers of any legislature – but in the hearts of men."

"Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

"Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself."

"Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one's own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others."