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The 2018-2019 Season is HugoTroop's 4th total year participating in Science Olympiad. He first competed for Leawood Middle School (Kansas, Division B) in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons. He quit Science Olympiad in 8th grade for reasons unknown to even himself. He rejoined in 2017-2018 as a part of Blue Valley North High School (Kansas, Division C). In the coming 2019-2020 season, he will be a captain of the BVN Science Olympiad team.

As of now, he has been to Nationals 3 times: University of Nebraska, Colorado State University, and Cornell University. He earned his first (and only) Nationals medal in Dynamic Planet at the latter.

Dynamic Planet (Glaciers) is, without a doubt, his all-time favorite event, and not just because he medaled at Nationals. He is very sad to see it go next year after all the love and time he devoted to it.

In middle school, he did a very poor job of keeping track of his medals and ribbons, leading to several gaps in the record and a slightly deflated tally.

HugoTroop's Accomplishments
Years in Science Olympiad 4
Total awards 40 + 5
Invitational awards 19 + 5
Regional awards 8
State awards 12
National awards 1

Quick Bio

Outside of Science Olympiad, HugoTroop has a number of hobbies. He enjoys playing violin and developed strong affinity for classical music. He enjoys sports as a whole, having tried many, leaving snowsports (skiing & snowboarding) and long-distance running as his favorites. He also enjoys drawing and sketching, although he isn't very good at it. Above all (perhaps even above SciOly), he loves WWII history.

Another 'hobby' of his is making spreadsheets. For no apparent reason, he really, really likes making spreadsheets and compiling data.

Unlabeled Awards

There are a number of medals and ribbons that do not have enough (or any) information written on them to the point that they cannot be properly attributed to an event, competition, year, or rank:

  • 1st Place, Event Unknown, Grade Unknown, Kansas State (This may be the team 1st place medal)
  • 2nd Place, Crave the Wave, Grade Unknown, Pembroke Hill Invitational
  • 3rd Place, Crave the Wave, 6th Grade, Competition Unknown (Invitational)
  • 4th Place, Scrambler, 7th Grade, Competition Unknown (Invitational)
  • 4th Place, Bridge Building, 6th Grade, Competition Unknown (Invitational)
  • 4-6th Place, Bridge Building, 7th Grade, NE KS Regionals (Listed as CC)
  • 4-6th Place, Wheeled Vehicle, 6th Grade, NE KS Regionals (Listed as CC)
  • 5th Place, Event Unknown, Grade Unknown, Competition Unknown (Invitational)
  • 5th Place, Wind Power, 7th Grade, Competition Unknown (Invitational)



X Did not participate in event
- Did not attend competition
Rank unknown
O Outranked by own team
CC Cannot confirm rank
' Probable, but uncertain
SS/LS Small/Large School Ranking

2014-2015 (6th Grade)

The 2014-2015 Season was the first of Science Olympiad for HugoTroop. In all honesty, he had no idea what he was doing going into the Pembroke Hill Invitational in December 2014. He was ridiculously clueless and made an unbelievable amount of brainless mistakes. Regardless, he eventually redeemed himself enough to join the Regionals team, despite being completely useless. That year, the team went on to the National tournament at the University of Nebraska. At Nationals, for the Parade of States, he dressed up as a tornado.

Event Pembroke Hill Kearney Southland Regionals State Nationals
Bridge Building O X X
Crave the Wave X 1st 4th (3rd SS) 33rd
Meteorology X 19th
Robo-Cross X X X
Solar System O
Wheeled Vehicle X 4th-6th (CC) 6th 28th

2015-2016 (7th Grade)

For 2015-2016, he came back more ready than ever. His ties with the coach and team's management had grown closer. As such, he was placed on many events to fill the void left by the previous year's 8th graders (including SOnerd), and ended up studying for a few (a lot of) events which he never competed in. Nonetheless, this introduced him to his one true love, Dynamic Planet. While he did like the event, he did not realize how strongly he felt for it until 3 years later. He semi-independently picked up Elastic Launched Glider, was assigned to Wind Power, and briefly to Road Scholar. Unfortunately, the team did not make it beyond the State competition.

Event Pembroke Hill Kearney Southland Regionals State
Bridge Building 4th-6th (CC) X
Crave the Wave 4th 2nd
Dynamic Planet 5th
Elastic Launched Glider 5th
Meteorology 1st 3rd (1st SS)
Road Scholar X
Scrambler 2nd 7th
Wind Power 3rd 3rd 7th (3rd SS)

2016-2017 (8th Grade)

HugoTroop did not participate in Science Olympiad in 8th grade. There is no solid justification as for the reason, but it was beyond simply "being bored" or "not liking it anymore".

2017-2018 (9th Grade)

In 2017-2018, he rejoined Science Olympiad, and whatever had made him quit the previous year had gone away. The early season was quite rough for him. He was often competing against older students in events which simply taking AP classes in school was hugely advantageous. His struggles are clearly outlined by the number of times his own team members outranked him. However, by the end of the season, he somehow made the Regionals team, and they progressed on to Nationals.

Event O-Town Throwdown ThunderKat Klash* Pembroke Hill Northland Warrensburg Regionals State Nationals
Astronomy 6th - 5th O 3rd X X 38th
Chemistry Lab O - 5th X O' X X X
Dynamic Planet O - O O O 3rd 5th 28th
Optics O' - O O O 2nd 6th 29th
Thermodynamics 2nd - 7th O O X X 53rd

- * = Did not attend due to conflicts with music and orchestral stuff

2018-2019 (10th Grade)

He again joined SciOly for the 2018-2019 season. Sadly, he ended up missing an invitational and the Regional competition over conflicts with KMEA events. Less than a week before State, he fell sick with something and was coughing a lot. Unfortunately, nobody else got infected and thus could not test the strength of the team's immune systems. He also inadvertently received a medal for Thermodynamics from Regionals, despite not attending. That year, at Cornell, he won his first Nationals medal, earning 6th Place in Dynamic Planet. This was also the season when he developed his deep love for Dynamic Planet. Glaciers and glaciology have simply captivated him.

Event O-Town Throwdown ThunderKat Klash* Northland Warrensburg Pembroke Hill Regionals* State Nationals
Chemistry Lab 4th - 4th 4th 5th - 4th (3rd LS) 33rd
Circuit Lab 3rd - X X X - X X
Dynamic Planet 7th - 1st 3rd 3rd - 1st 6th
Fermi Questions X - O O X - X X
Geologic Mapping 1st - 1st 4th 1st - 1st 22nd
Thermodynamics 4th - X 18th 10th - 3rd 53rd
Write It Do It X - 5th 3rd 11th - 7th X

- * = Did not attend due to conflicts with music and orchestral stuff

2019-2020 (11th Grade)

In the coming 2020 season, HugoTroop will be a captain of the BVN Science Olympiad team. He plans to stick with Dynamic Planet and Geologic Mapping, but also pick up Sounds of Music, Machines, and Ornithology, assuming the latter two come into rotation. He will also try his hand at Wright Stuff, but with zero expectations. He is absolutely livid that the topic for Dynamic Planet is rotating to Oceanography, and is currently threatening to leave the event. Once again, there is a vacuum to fill as the group 2 years his senior moves on for one last time. He hopes that more members from both middle schools, as well as the high school, help plug some of those unpopular events which they covered.

Event O-Town Throwdown ThunderKat Klash* Northland Warrensburg Pembroke Hill Regionals*
Dynamic Planet - -
Geologic Mapping - -
Machines - -
Ornithology - -
Sounds of Music - -
Wright Stuff - -

- * = Did not attend due to conflicts with music and orchestral stuff