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IHateClouds is a rising freshman at Harriton High School, and she joined Science Olympiad at the end of 6th grade at Bala Cynwyd Middle School. She is very passionate about Earth Science and for some reason doesn't fail too bad at Earth-Science-related events, but has also competed in biology(eww), inquiry(bigger eww), and build events(hurts my soul).

Thanks to EwwPhysics, my awesome bestie who knows how to computer, for helping me make this userpage.

Event Placements

2019, 7th Grade

7th grade was a big eww >w<

Event Rustin Garnet Valley Regionals States
Meteorology 5th -- 1st 2nd
Dynamic Planet -- -- 4th 3rd
Roller Coaster 15th 3rd 3rd 8th
Heredity 13th 12th -- --
Write It Do It -- 13th -- --
Experimental Design 11th 7th -- --
Team 16th 20th 1st 3rd

2020, 8th Grade

8th grade was a less big eww, bUt I'm still salty about my average and states being cancelled T^T

Event Rustin Garnet Valley Regionals
Meteorology 1st 1st 1st
Dynamic Planet 1st 2nd 1st
Experimental Design 1st 4th 1st
Reach for the Stars 5th1 2nd 1st
Water Quality 9th 3rd 1st
Team 8th 4th 1st

1 I received a 4th place medal due to a scoring error.

What Am I?

I've always wondered what I am, and what I want to be. I aspire to be/already am:

  • A cloud!!!
  • A glacier!!!
  • An ocean!!!
  • An airplane!!!
  • A hermit!!!
  • A frog!!!
  • A cow!!!
  • A tapir!!!
  • A penguin!!!