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Ionizer attended and competed in Science Olympiad for Bayard Rustin High School for four years from 2012 to 2016. Before that, he also competed for one year at Stetson Middle School. Ionizer now writes tests for and supervises events.


Supervising Career

Things I supervised or assisted in.


Events: Wind power, Hovercraft, Compound machines

Competitions: Rustin Invitational, Mentor Invitational, New Jersey State, Pennsylvania State

12th grade

Events: Wind Power

Competitions: Rustin Invitational, SEPA Urban Regional

11th grade

Events: Dynamic Planet

Competitions: Rustin Invitational

10th grade

Events: Rocks and Minerals

Competitions: Rustin Invitational

Important Achievements

These are not necessarily all of the events that I competed in at the state and national competitions in these years, but these are the places that I got that I am happy about.

12th grade

(State Competition) 1st place in Wind Power

(National Competition) 5th place in Dynamic Planet, 10th place in Electric Vehicle, 16th place in Cell Biology

11th grade

(State Competition) 1st place in Compound Machines, 3rd place in Chem Lab, 3rd place in Dynamic Planet

(National Competition) 9th place in Compound Machines, 15th place in Dynamic Planet

10th grade

(State Competition) 3rd place in Water Quality

9th grade(C)

(State Competition) 2nd place in Water Quality