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  • organize template information on the page instead of dumping it all in "misc"
  • add old fossils from old fossil lists? (diatoms are on there at least)
  • adjust the headings on the vertebrates because they're very messed up

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Missouri Teams

Missouri Regions 2011.png
  • LSE Boonville used to compete in Region 5 according to 2004 results, implying that Cooper County was formerly a part of this region (check old region listings to confirm when the switch happened)
    • The Full Story: Cooper County was a part of Region 5 in 2011, making the switch to Region 4 in 2012 when the state was redrawn and then unfortunately switching to Region 2 once Region 4 died (rip)
  • Lebanon used to compete in Region 7, implying that Laclede County was formerly a part of this region (it was - it got moved to region 5 in 2012)
    • The region map on the Missouri state page is outdated, showing Laclede County as part of Region 7 (fix this) has been fixed
  • Also Region 3 only used to serve three counties (Jackson, Clay and Platte if I recall) but now it serves 6
    • This changed in 2012 when Region 9 was introduced - the entire state was redrawn and that's when a lot of the regions became how they are today (except for 7 and 8 which lost and promptly regained counties from Region 9, as well as Region 4 which was dissolved for the 2020 season)
  • Rock Bridge competed under Region 3 in 2017 and Lindbergh also competed in Region 8 at various points in time
    • These are probably just errors in inputting results though - further inspection reveals that 1) there's no way that these teams could have competed in these regions according to regional boundaries and common sense and 2) the bids for regions 5 and 6 were kind of wonky according to prior knowledge because these teams were listed under the incorrect regions. Unless someone from these teams confirms that for some reason they competed in regions super far away from where they would normally compete, they were probably just mislabeled.
  • FROM HUME HIGH SCHOOL'S PAGE: "Normally they would have competed in Region 4 on the campus of the University of Central Missouri. However due [to] administrative decisions made at the State level, Region 4 was divided this year, displacing those schools to other Regional competitions."

TL;DR: A lot of teams changed regions when the state was redrawn in 2012 and then again in 2020 when Region 4 broke up like a sad boy band. It might be beneficial to make some sort of list of which counties changed regions and when (I've already drawn up region maps from pre-2011, 2012-2014, and 2015-2019) but that isn't exactly high on my priority list at the moment. I really hope we get more insight for the 2021 season as to like, which counties from Region 4 went where because trying to figure it out myself proved a little inconclusive but I guess it really just is what it is at this point. The dissolution of Region 4 was temporary and order has been restored for the 2021 season. This was all a big waste of time, mostly.

To Be Made

Division B

Lexington Middle School
Robidoux Middle School

Division C

Missouri Academy
Duchesne High School
Rich Hill High School
Palmyra High School
Linn County High School
Stanberry High School
Fredericktown High School
Brookfield High School
Waynesville High School